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Social Commentary the Contadictions of Public Transportation

I take MARTA to work every morning (public transportation for those of you not familiar with Atlanta) and home every evening. The following never ceases to irritate me each and every time I get on and off it. As soon as the train stops it becomes a contest of speed and will to duck, weave and dodge your way through the mass of people that still haven’t figured out that you’re supposed to WAIT until people exiting the train have finished before getting on it. They don’t do so well with elevators either I’ve found.

Now assuming I make it off the train without being blocked in, I have to make a mad dash for the escalators. I’m sure you’re wondering why so I will explain. The beauty of the escalator is that unlike stairs they move. So if you walk up while on them you can move twice as fast as you would go were you just walking up stairs. This is a good thing. Not everyone realizes this. It’s comparable to driving in a way.

When you’re driving on a multi-lane road the procedure is that slower traffic should stay to the right and faster traffic will pass on the left. I suppose it’s unreasonable for me to think that the majority of people who are riding PT (public transportation) know how to drive. One would think that riding an escalator would present some similarities in usage as it is wide enough for two people to walk side by side. One would be wrong.

Somehow people consistently manage to block the ENTIRE escalator. Obese people who can barely walk on a level surface much less up a flight of stairs. People with several pieces of luggage that may have been better served taking the elevator. People who decline to speak english who don’t understand that you would like them to move so you can get by. Or people listening to iPods that can’t hear you politely request them to MOVE!

The worst part is they KNOW you’re behind them. They just sit there having their stupid little conversations about who-knows-what and continue to ignore you.

I’m not asking for much here. How about some common sense and rudimentary logic? Walking up escalators? Stay to the left. Not walking up escalators? Stay to the right. Maybe I am asking too much.