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Slovenia Tourism

Thanks to the internet there’s a wealth of travel information at our fingertips. While there are lots of excellent guidebooks in print they come with a couple of disadvantages. Guidebooks become out of date quickly; important detail can alter even in the period between research and printing. Only the biggest, best-known cities have dedicated city guides so it’s often the case that you’ll have to buy a guide for that country as a whole. What’s more, guidebooks, with their thick covers and pages of glossy photographs, can be heavy and are hardly ideal if you are backpacking.

But consider the internet: here you can get more up to date information, better quality maps, a direct line to locals and people who’ve visited the places you’re planning to go to, and, best of all, much more detail than a couple of hundred pages can supply. Slovenia is a country that has embraced the internet with gusto so there are plenty of opportunities to find information about what to see, where to stay and how to arrange activities.

Chief of those websites is http://www.slovenia.info/?home=0&lng=2 which is available in a staggering nineteen languages. It’s a brilliant website that seems to understand the needs of a variety of travelers with different budgets and interests. All the major attractions are covered but so too are less well known spots providing plenty of ideas for visitors who want to do more than scratch the surface.It’s super-easy to navigate and is crammed full of glorious photographs as well as contact details, opening hours and links to specialised agencies. As a national tourism website, it’s one of the best around.

If you’re visiting the capital you could do worse than take a look at http://www.ljubljana.com/ . Presentation-wise it doesn’t have the class of Slovenia Info but it is comprehensive and detailed. Among the interesting features is a link to a “Meet a Local” scheme in which you can be linked up with someone from Ljubljana who will guide you round this beautiful city. This website is available in Slovenian, English, German, French and Italian.

If you’d like someone to take the hard work out of planning a trip you should type http://www.slovenedream.com/ into your browser. This useful website has been helping visitors to Slovenia plan itineraries since 2006 and can help arrange weddings – what could be more wonderful than tying the knot in the tiny church on the island at Lake Bled? –as well as wine-tasting tours and exciting adrenalin packed activities such as mountain climbing, white water rafting and stag and hen parties with a difference.

Finally, but by no means least take a look at http://www.ourslovenia.com/ which is essentially a forum for owners and investors of Slovenian property; some members own holiday homes, while others have made the move permanently. There are also a number of Slovenian members who just like to help where they can. While some of the discussions may not be of interest to casual visitors, threads that recommend restaurants and offer advice on how to get around most certainly will be. The great thing about this site is that the information is up to date and you can get information about off the beaten track places that other websites may not have deemed worthy of a mention. The chance to pose questions rather than just rely on the information provided, as with other websites, is a major advantage of this website.

Of course, surfing the net will conjure up an array of websites that may have the information you want, as well as ideas to inspire you. These are just a handful of the best.