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Should there be a Maximum Age Limit for Driving in the us – No

Riding in the car with her, anyone would know that she shouldn’t drive. She was easily distracted, jerky, and missed important things like people and children. As a fibromyalgia patient she is in a lot of pain all the time, plus on a lot of different drugs. When it came time to renew her license, we threw a fit. She shouldn’t continue to drive, and the decision was made. She was 48. Most people her age had no problem behind the wheel, but she was downright dangerous.

There are many people who have similar issues as they age. Most are blessed not to have that issue at 48, but eventually it does happen. It makes sense then that driving in the US should be limited by age, or more importantly by ability. This is why it is impossible to put an age limit on it.

As we age, and grow older we have different abilities. There are a few people at 100 who are very active. They have their wits about them and are seen driving, biking, hiking, and participating in other activities. Others fail to be able to do any of those things at 70, and some even earlier then that. It is impossible to put a list of abilities on an age. To say that people should drive over 70 would be stopping a good portion of people who are capable of driving, while at the same time not stopping some who aren’t able to drive.

Then there is the matter of enforcement. I know that my great grandparents and my grandparents would most likely drive even if the government took away their license. Those who wish to continue driving are stubborn about it and feel that they don’t have any need for their license to be taken away even if there is a reason. How are we really going to stop them from driving? Police usually only know you don’t have a license if you get caught doing something wrong or you cause an accident. After an accident would certainly be too late.

Many drive because they have no choice. It is hard to find a ride, wait for a ride, pay for a ride, or make it to the bus stop and then where you need to go. For these people, we have to have an alternative in place in order for this to work. Something that will provide a good ride for those who really are glad to not have to drive.

It seems that testing as we get older is the best option. Just as you prepare to get your license, it seems like you should have to be tested to maintain your license. This would make it possible to catch those who aren’t capable of making decisions fast enough or are having issues paying attention to those things around them.

Age is a number and doesn’t really have anything to do with ability. We often see aging as a matter of getting weaker and not being able to do as much, however when this happens is hard to tell. You can’t put a cap on something like driving that is based on age. It wouldn’t be effective in stopping drivers who are not capable of driving anymore, mainly because this happens earlier to some and later to others.