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Semiramis Hotel Athens Semiramis Semiramis Hotel Hotels Athens

Situated in the heart of the Greek capital is the Semiramis Hotel Athens, a uniquely modern abode that blends colorful interiors with excellent service and amenities. As a member of the globally acclaimed Yes Hotels Chain and the Design Hotels group, the Semiramis itself is a sight to behold. Staying here during your Greek trip will surely make your holiday extra special.

Named after the ancient Assyrian warrior queen, Semiramis, the stunning boutique hotel has been around since 2004. Each of the 51 rooms was proudly designed by renowned interior stylist Karim Rashid, and this won him the European Hotel Design Award in 2005. The interiors and furniture are a cornucopia of bright colors and bold lines, giving a creative edge that is appreciated by art aficionados the world over.

Standard rooms are rated at 180 EUR or 240 USD per night. There are five poolside bungalows which can be booked for 250 EUR or 330 USD each. The grandest accommodation, which is the penthouse suite, fetches for 430 EUR or 575 USD per night.

Besides the colorful designs, the Semiramis Hotel Athens also has excellent facilities for leisure and business travelers alike. Rooms have wireless internet access, mini bar, air conditioning, and satellite TV, among other features. There is also a fitness center, swimming pool, massage room, and conference center.

To satisfy the hungry palate of its guests, the Semiramis Bar and Restaurant is open 24 hours a day. This venue is also a great place to view the hotel’s modern art collections from Sue Webster, Jeff Koons, and Tim Noble. Drinks and food, covering local and international cuisines, can be enjoyed at the pool side veranda. For entertainment, guests can groove to the sounds courtesy of the hotel DJ, available five nights a week.

Just twenty minutes from the Athens International Airport, the hotel is found in the Kifissia district of Athens, known as a high-end suburb where shopping and entertainment are abound. This area houses the Athens-Piraeus Electric Railways terminal, Kefalari Park, Cinemax Cinemas, as well as malls, restaurants, and bars.

The Semiramis Hotel Athens can be located at Charilaou Trikoupi 48, Kifissia, Athens, Greece, and the official website is at www.yeshotels.gr. For more information about the hotel’s features and amenities, you can contact them at +30 210 628 44 00. They can also be emailed via rsv@yeshotels.gr. Experience a contemporary Greek oasis like no other, only at the Semiramis.