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Sail away or stay

Cruising is enjoying a new heyday and the choice of itinerary and activities on board has never been better or more affordable to ordinary folk. The fourteen million people who choose a cruise for their annual vacation have made a wise choice.

But what if you aren’t convinced? Are there any valid reasons why you shouldn’t opt for a cruise vacation? Here are some you might like to consider before you can make an informed decision.

If you’ve never taken a cruise vacation before It can be difficult to know what to expect and for some this may be reason enough not to book a holiday afloat. Why not try a mini- cruise first to see if you like the nautical life or are a staunch land lubber after all?

If you don’t like being in a confined space with a lot of other people Cruising may not be your ideal choice of holiday because space is always limited at sea however luxurious the liner so if you want to find a quiet corner to sunbathe on your own somewhere it’s probably not going to happen and you won’t find the tranquillity associated with a beach-based break.

If you need an internet connection wherever you go Cruising is probably not going to suit you if you need to be on-line frequently during the course of your vacation as this can be a very expensive commodity at sea.

If you’re going to worry continually about your kids going overboard It’s probably better to opt for a land-based holiday if this is a concern. People seldom fall overboard but it can be worrying for parents of young children and if it’s going to spoil your holiday to the point that you can’t relax then don’t book a cruise.

If you like a stroll along the beach each day No amount of on board facilities is going to compensate for the lack of this. Of course you can get plastic palm trees and and some very convincing oasis’s on the decks of some of the best cruise liners there are but if you want to feel the sand beneath your feet every day of your holiday then cruising is not for you.

If you get sea sick easily You may use this as reason enough not to go on a cruise. Motion sickness can affect anyone although on a cruise nowadays it would be extremely unlikely due to the high specification technology involved in stabilisers for vast ocean going vessels. Unless you were unfortunate enough to encounter extremely rough seas then sickness should not be a concern or a reason to remain on dry land.

If you fear you will come back a twenty-stone alcoholic Over-indulgence in alcohol or food may be too much of a temptation for some so perhaps cruising is the type of holiday to avoid. Cruises are notorious for causing an unhealthy weight gain in even the most modest of eaters due to the round the clock availability of food and drink. Cruising is the original ‘All inclusive’ vacation and it is all too easy to try and get your money’s worth only to be shocked when you get on the scales back home.

If you have several preschool children Cruising is perhaps best left for when children are older and at an age where they can appreciate the voyage and learn from the adventure. Babies and toddlers are hard work anywhere but being on a cruise ship with a couple of screaming kids in tow is not relaxing for the parents or anyone around them.

If you really want to get to know a new destination thoroughly Cruise Itineraries can be very tight and cruising will not usually allow you sufficient time to spend in port as you might really like. You may also find days on land are too rushed and ones at sea are too relaxed.

If you don’t want to dress for dinner Dress codes on cruise ships are far more relaxed than in days gone by so don’t let the thought of dressing for dinner put you off taking a cruise. Cruise lines like NCL pride themselves on this fresh new approach to cruising and have virtually dispensed with strict dress codes.

If you are still unsure as to whether a cruise is going to be the most appropriate holiday for you this year why not compromise and decide on a ‘cruise and stay’ vacation? This combines the best of both worlds and you’ll be able to enjoy that stroll along the beach after all.