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Safety Tips for Driving around Mexico Driving through Mexico Safe Driving in Mexico

Mexico is a favorite year round vacation destination and the best way to really see Mexico is by driving around. There is much to see and do as you drive through mountain ranges, villages, tropical coastlines and cities in Mexico but doing so safely should be of utmost importance.

Before leaving for Mexico, ensure that you check for any warnings and alerts relating to travel in Mexico. These can be had from the Foreign Service office in your country and are useful in that they give you a feel for the mood in the country you are visiting. Things change quickly so you should check these alerts even if you only visited Mexico a few months ago.

Include a travel itinerary with specific places you plan to visit while on your trip. Leave a copy with a trusted relative or friend back home. While you can’t plan for everything, it is important that you have a plan A and a plan B, just in case unforeseen circumstances arise that result in changes to your plan. Always ensure that when changes are made, someone else is aware of the changes.

Maps, road logs and travelogues should accompany you on your trip. GPS technology has become increasingly popular over the years but a good old road map is always a great back up if or when the GPS malfunctions or takes you astray. For additional assistance you may need to use a trip planning service and you could always ask for directions at the local coffee shop or gas station.

Night driving is not usually recommended in Mexico, as loose livestock is known to roam the highways. While this is a problem whether you drive at night or day, it becomes more difficult to see a roaming dog, cow or sheep at night. If you must drive at night reduce your speed considerably and stay alert which could reduce your chances of having an accident.

You will need to have proper insurance when driving in Mexico which you can get from one of the numerous drives through insurance providers at various border crossings. The minimum insure required is liability which is fairly reasonable even though collision insurance is more expensive.

Driving through Mexico will require some familiarity with the rules of the road and the driving practices in Mexico. Left turn signals are usually a sign to the driver behind you to pass. It is a common practice for a bus or truck to turn on their left signals to guide the driver around them. It is not advisable to use your left turn signals on 2 lane roads when you want to pass. You also need to be aware that posted travel speeds are in kilometers as opposed to miles. When driving in Mexico a 100 kilometers per hour, it is the same as 60 miles an hour in the US.

Spectacular views and a beautiful driving experience await you in Mexico. Taking a few precautions in planning your trip and while driving in Mexico, can ensure a stress free and enjoyable adventure.