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Safety Guide for Women Traveling alone

The world is a cruel and wicked place and sadly, not every woman in the world is blessed enough to live on their own private estate where they know each and every person that lives there and subsequently has no threats at all. Safety can be an issue in any part of the world at any time, even in places that may initially seem safe and secure. There are many tips and pieces of information that women can use to their advantage to stay safe when travelling alone.

Dress as to not gather attention

Sex crimes can be perpetrated by any sick individuals at any time despite what a woman looks like, but women that dress properly are less likely to gather attention when they travel. Wear clothes that are not revealing when travelling alone and also wear clothes and shoes that are easier to run in if the need to do so arises. Do not wear anything that will weigh you down or limit your personal self defence or fleeing techniques.

Carry items of self defence

Women are legally allowed to carry things in order to defend themselves and these rules vary from each country. The basics of self defence that a woman should carry when travelling alone include pepper spray that can be sprayed into the eyes of potential attackers to stun and blind them, as well as “rape alarms” that send a piercing, almost deafening cry for help to the surrounding area, thus scaring the attacker away. In some parts of the world, weapons are not legal, so never overlook the benefits of plasticising self defence with your own fists and feet. Turn your body into a walking self defence mechanism.

Avoid bad areas and travelling in the dark

If you are travelling, be sure to do your research. Some areas of a country or place are worse than others. Speak to the locals at a fine bar or restaurant and enquire the places that will be safe for you to travel alone in, and neighbourhoods and areas that should be avoided at all costs. No matter where you are travelling whether in your local area or taking in the sights at a far-away place, if travelling alone, be sure to do your research. If possible, also avoid travelling alone in the dark and at night.

Women should be able to feel safe, secure and free from harm at all times, even when travelling alone. However, not every individual feels the same way. There are sick people out there that will attack women and therefore, women need to know how to travel safe when alone. Always wear clothes that are not revealing or that will not grasp unwanted attention and wear clothes that you are comfortable in as to properly utilize self defence or to flee when necessary, carry items of self defence such as pepper spray and a rape alarm and do your research to avoid bad areas and avoid travelling in the dark and at night at all costs.