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Safest Airlines

Air travel can be a big issue for some people. The fear of flying is a common one and can be difficult to overcome, if ever overcome at all. The main concern that drives the fear, is a lack of flight safety. This makes certain destinations, depending on where you are from, rather difficult to access.

The major plus point attributed to air travel are the speed in which one can get to one’s destination and the money you can save getting their, especially if the destination is far away, for example, England to Australia. Often, even those who dislike flying or have a fear of flying will choose to travel by air because of the benefits of doing so in regards to time and money saved.

However, for many, more reassurance is required to get them on a plane as time and money may not matter so much. This list will provide the reader with some of safest airlines with which to travel. The safest airlines are those that have been created within those countries that are considered developed.

The safest airlines airlines are ranked as such after taking into account the amount of fatalities an airline has suffered, how many passengers they carry each year and how many flights operate in a year. With this in mind, some of the best and safest airlines to fly with are as follows:

– America West

– Easyjet

– Hawaiian Airlines

– JetBlue

– North American Airlines

– Southwest Airlines

– Virgin Atlantic

Qantas, who operate out of Sydney, Australia is another airline considered to rank high in safety, however, a couple of issues of late have caused their rank to fall somewhat lower.

There are several smaller carriers that are considered safe, in some cases even safer than the larger carriers. However, this could be because there are less flights made by these smaller carriers and less passengers fly with them. Less flights mean that there is less to go wrong.

Some of the better known smaller regional airlines that rank high in safety are, Qatar Airways, Aer Lingus, Air Europe, Icelandair and WestJet Airlines.

All in all, there are 22 airlines whose planes or flights have never gotten into serious situations. These airlines therefore have received 0 penal points. All these facts are just numbers and statistics. What is known is that flying is just as safe if not safer than any other mode of transportation.

After considering which airline you want to fly on, and where you want to go if you do want to fly, then you should try and find which of the airlines offer the best deals for flights and air travel tickets. Easyjet, for example, offer an excellent first come first serve policy that makes the first few tickets very, very cheap and highly affordable.