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Route 30

As a college student studying in Indiana, I would always want to go home every Christmas to visit my family. My relatives all lived in Maryland, so every Christmas, I would leave northwest Indiana and jump on interstate 90/94, which would turn into interstate 90. A few hours later, I would take interstate 80 for about 360 miles. Following that, I would jump on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, or route 76 for about 2 hours. The last leg would be interstate 70, which would take me into Maryland. One day as I was leaving 76 and getting on 70, I noticed US route 30. I tucked that in the back of my brain and continued my drive.

One afternoon, I received a call that my grandmother had passed away and the funeral would be in 2 days. I decided to leave Indiana on a Wednesday around noon, and I would be in Maryland around midnight, and the funeral would be the next morning around 9 a.m. However, for some strange reason, I remembered route 30 and Indiana has the same route 30. According to the map, it does go from Indiana to Maryland, so I decided to take this route, thinking I had plenty of time to make it to the funeral.

I entered route 30 from Crown Point, Indiana around noon. The drive was beautiful, mostly because it was different and very scenic. I drove around South Bend, and other neat cities and before I knew it, I was out of Indiana and into Ohio by 1:30 p.m. That time is even faster than if I went the expressway and I was very happy. However, Ohio was a different story! As I was driving, the clouds became dark and the road became more like a little small town. As far as I knew, I had not seen any signs that route 30 was heading a different direction, so I continued on this road. The normal time to get through Ohio on the interstate is 6 hours, and so I expected the same. It was October, so it started to get dark around 6 p.m. The road was definitely not route 30 and there was nothing around except a tractor trailer that was tailgating me on a one lane country road. At around 8 p.m., I saw a store that looked like it was getting ready to close. I went inside and asked them where route 30 is or where the interstate was and they just looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. When I got back into my car and realized I didn’t know where I was, I called the police and they guided me to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which was an hour away.

To make a long story short, I arrived to the funeral at 8:55 p.m. Route 30 was a nightmare from Ohio to Maryland and I will never travel that route again!