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Romantic Spring Break Vacation Ideas

Spring break is a fabulous time to get away from it all for a time of relaxation and refreshing. If you are looking for somewhere that will offer a romantic time, as well, it can be a bit of a challenge. Many of the popular Spring break destinations are over-crowded party zones during this time, filled with college students who are ready for nothing but a good time. You and your romantic partner are most likely searching for something a bit more private and possibly even something out of the ordinary where you can create some beautiful memories together.

Have you ever considered a trip to the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora? This tropical paradise is not a typical Spring break destination, especially for struggling college students. It is a bit on the pricey side if you want to experience it at its best, but the romance and beauty you will experience will be absolutely priceless. A trip to Bora Bora can be the trip of a lifetime and one that the two of you will never forget.

Although there are less expensive ways to see the island and spend quality time there together, there is only one way to experience the entirety of the romance of French Polynesia’s Bora Bora. If you can squeeze it into the budget, some of the Bora Bora resorts offer the most amazing overwater huts you can imagine. These “huts” are of higher quality than one might envision by the word alone. They are gorgeously decorated and have all the accomodations you will need to be cozy and comfortable. If you never want to go further than your hut, you don’t really need to.

Most of the huts have a king-sized bed in a spacious bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and kitchenette. The more luxurious among them have glass floors so you can watch the ocean life swim underneath you. There are also some that have outdoor showers off the private deck, so you can rinse off after a swim in the lagoon. The decks are usually thatch-roofed and some even have a jacuzzi surrounded by tropical garden plants. One of the truly unique things to do is to order your breakfast to be eaten in…it will be delivered to you by boat!

Staying in the hut is far from boring with a ladder going right into the warm surrounding waters to explore, but if you want to get out for some more fun and romance, there is plenty to do. The island offers scuba and snorkeling lessons, sportfishing catamarans, paddle or sailing canoes for rent, tours into the mountains or the plantations, art galleries, and plenty of shopping for unusual keepsakes, such as the black pearls that the area is known for.

Spring break is a perfect opportunity for you to show the one that you love just how much. Doing this with a trip to the fabulous island of Bora Bora will say it loud and clear. The two of you will see and feel things that you never even imagined existed as you explore the island and one another. There is just something about French Polynesia that brings out the truly romantic side of people.