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Romance is in the Air

When planning a first honeymoon, the idea is to finally have some time together after all the stress involved in planning a wedding. There are certain destinations that are very romantic and are typically chosen as first honeymoon destinations. When it comes to second or third honeymoon destinations, it is about romance as well but now you have been married for a while and are more secure in your relationship. This is a time when you may not want to just be alone and whisper sweet nothings. You now know each other so much better and that will figure into your choice of second or third honeymoon destination.

Sit down with your spouse and talk about places you have always wanted to see and things on your bucket list. You may find that you have a few thoughts in common. It may be that both of you have dreamed about visiting Europe or taking a cruise to Alaska. A second or third honeymoon is much more likely to be about what you are doing and seeing. Even if your dream lists are not identical, by looking at the things on your list you can come up with a short list of places that fit the bill.

No matter what the destination, keep in mind that this honeymoon is about the two of you. A honeymoon should combine romance with ease of travel planning. Begin by deciding on a destination. The second step may be to arrange for child care if you still have young children. A second or third honeymoon is not the time to take the kids along. In order to relax and reconnect, you need to know that the kids will be having a great time and are safe and secure.

If your children go to camp, this is a perfect time to jet away together. If that isn’t a option, talk to family and friends to see if you can arrange for their care. Once this is taken care of, you can take a deep breath. With a trip this important, you might want to have a back-up plan just in case there is some sort of emergency.

Set a budget that you are comfortable with. The idea of a second honeymoon is to relax and there is no relaxing when you know that you are going to be coming home to credit card bills. A second honeymoon doesn’t have to be across the country or across the world. It can be a romantic bed and breakfast or resort within an couple of hours drive of home. Do your research, find some things that you will enjoy doing, a really special restaurant and plan to have a bottle of wine and some chocolate covered strawberries in your room. You are with the one you love in a place you chose together, what could be better?

If you play your cards right, you will reach your 25th anniversary having had 25 or 26 honeymoons. Whether you choose Hawaii, a cruise, Cape Cod or Monterrey, a second or third honeymoon will be a great way to rekindle the fire in your marriage.