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Review the Excalibur Hotel

The Excalibur Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada provides you with the opportunity to stay in a medieval themed castle without leaving US soil. It features four towers, castle style gates and spires on the outside and there are knights, jugglers and court jesters completing the theme inside.The Excalibur is a middle class hotel that makes a great choice for a good value family vacation.

The positives

Good value

The per night rates are reasonable for a themed hotel on the strip and children 12 years and under stay free.There is also some free entertainment available. For example, watch donuts be made or head to the court jesters stage to see knights and jugglers.


The Excalibur is located in the main strip so it is right in the heart of the action, with most attractions being within walking distance to the hotel. It is only a couple of miles from the airport. It is right next door to its sister hotel The Luxor and is connected by walkways to the MGM grand and New York, New York. It is approximately 5 miles to downtown Las Vegas.


The rooms are a good size and many provide good views of aspects of the strip.They are also clean and the pools are large also.If you are after affordable dining their are popular outlets like Pizza hut express, Coldstone creamery, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, Quizno’s subs, and Starbucks all inside the hotel. For a little more cash, the Italian restaurant is nice. The service here was good and they found was very tasty.

The downsides:

As far as free hotel entertainment went I’ve found more in other hotels such as at the MGM grand, the Bellagio and Casers palace.

The rooms don’t really reflect the medieval castle theme. The refurbished rooms are nicer, but generally pretty standard It would be nice if they added medieval touches, like the way Disneyworld puts Mickey touches in Disneyworld hotels.

The casino seemed pretty average and not really lively.If you are happy to visit another casino, or are looking for more of a family oriented vacation this will be unlikely to pose a problem, but singles or couples looking for the gambling experience may prove disappointed.

I found the buffet pretty average. There were long lines, and it seemed a little sloppy in the service stakes and food presentation. If you are after good value, the eatery tends to make a better choice here.

Rooms: 3/5
Customer service: 3/5
Value: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5

Overall rating: 3.5/5