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Reality after the End of a Vacation

After basking under the warm winter sun in Acapulco, Key West or Honolulu, it isn’t easy to get back to the reality of work. Especially if you must drive through the snow and sleet to get there on that awful workday morning after you’ve returned home.

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to try to ease back into reality at any time in your life, especially after the end of a vacation. When you get to work, the same duties will be there waiting for you. It isn’t likely your boss or anyone else will allow you to do just a little bit until you feel you can gradually get back up to speed. As they say in clichs, you’ll be expected to hit the ground running.

However, within reason, you can ease your return from vacation, and while you’re picking patches of flaked skin from your sunburned back, let yourself experience a somewhat gradual state of reality. Maybe you can try it in several stages.

First of all, as soon as you get home, make sure you unpack your bags quickly. Once you get all your clothes and personal stuff back to where they belong, and stash away the bags, they won’t be around to remind you of the fun and sun that was.

If you’ve brought back souvenirs and gifts for Cousins Cindy and Sidney, get them promptly to the designated people. You’ll find your way back to the reality of everyday responsibilities and duties much easier after you’ve stashed away everything that could set you daydreaming about those glorious days.

If you’ve shot photos and/or videos of your vacation, quickly make a computer file and get online copies out to people who may be interested in seeing them. Fortunately, long gone are the old traditions of dragging hapless relatives and friends over to your house to be bored by slide shows of your vacation pictures. Now they can look at them on their computers, or ignore them if they choose.

I remember one of our kids, who was already thinking of a career in show business at age six, made a slide show of my trip photos after we returned from a trip to Walt Disney World. Her production came compete with prepared notes, and she took projector and all to her first grade class.

The other kids were polite, and watched and listened as she narrated the program with such creative descriptions as, “This is me with Mickey”, “This is me watching the Main Street Parade”, and “This is me riding Dumbo on the merry-go-round” and “This is me jumping into the pool at the Contemporary Resort”.

Well, apparently the creative experience was a positive one for her. Today she’s a successful writer/producer on a major TV program. So, easing back into reality after a vacation can produce some positive effects, even if they don’t seem so at the time.

As the old stray cat, Grizabella, sings in “Cats”, you’ll just have to accept it when vacation time is over. You’ve returned to reality, and you’re just “all alone with the memory of my days in the sun.”