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Pros and Cons of Traveling alone

If you are considering to travel on your own for the very first time, think that ultimately you are in good company. Every year hundreds of travelers travel solo and they are even able to admit that they even enjoy it. Of course, just as with every thing in life, there are good things and bad things about traveling by yourself, so let’s weight the pros and cons and pull out the results:

Pros of traveling solo

1) You get to do want you want.

For instance. you are in Rome and your friends want to go to the Chinese restaurant while you want to flavor authentic Italian cuisine. Since most of them are in the mood for oriental, you end up going with the flow. If you travel solo you get to decide where and when you want to go without having to oblige to social etiquette. Did you ever travel on a group tour and you wished there was an alternate route of things more interesting to see? Now it is your turn to customize your itinerary…

2) You get to make new friends

When traveling alone something special happens: you make friends easily. This is because when traveling with others you tend to stick with the group and look away from new encounters. Friends can be made easily while sipping on a cocktail at the beach or having breakfast at a buffet. In some cases, singles even get to meet interesting individuals of the opposite sex.

3) You get street smart

Getting around on your own will make you more alert and ultimately will make you sort of street smart. You will have to deal with everything 100% and you must rely on yourself only. You will learn how to get around with a map or call a taxi and talk in a foreign language. Doing so, will make you proud of yourself and others may see you as an independent individual.

Cons of traveling alone

1) You must be extra careful

Being alone carries also some risks. Sexual predators or pocket pickers may look for a loner. Being extra careful is a must. Let all your family know where you are, give your hotel number and phone, tell them your expected itinerary. Keep in touch on a daily basis. Avoid staying out after dusk and do not go in solitary places. Dress conservatively and try to mingle with the local.

2) You may get lonely

In some cases, some solo travelers may regret being on their own at some point. They may see other travelers with their family and friends and may as a consequence, get a bout of loneliness. While this can be fixed by making some friends, retiring to the quiet hotel room at night may make them realize how lonely they can be.

3) You may spend more money

When traveling solo, all the expenses will be on you. No splitting charges for the hotel room or dividing costs of meals. Extra money should be taken along for unexpected emergencies. Nothing is worse than not having enough money when traveling alone in a foreign country.

If traveling alone intrigues you but yet you are a bit reluctant to give it a try, you may want to consider special vacation packages made just for singles traveling alone. This is a great way to get a “taste” of independence while having the comfort of being in good company. Traveling alone does not have to be scary, with good preparedness and organization a solo traveler may discover a whole new way of life.