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Productive Summer Vacation

Summer vacation, whether it be one week or the entire summer, is a time that most people look forward to with anticipation. Sometimes, though, it is necessary to be productive during summer vacation in order to get extra work done, learn new skills, or accomplish specific goals you might have. Here are some tips for how to be productive during your summer vacation:

Make a list.

Make a list of things you want to get done. Try to be both ambitious and realistic about your goals. Catching up on all of your personal correspondence in one day is probably not realistic, but taking a week to do so might be an appropriate goal.

Schedule your time.

Schedule your time one week in advance. While it is fun to just be spontaneous each day, not having any plans set up ahead of time will make it more likely that time will be wasted. For example, if you are going to the beach for a week, take the time beforehand to look up the local attractions and decide which ones you might enjoy. Otherwise, your summer vacation will slip away unused, and you will look back with regret at the things you could have gotten to do.

Be flexible.

Leave wiggle room in your plans for the unexpected to happen. If your agenda is packed too tightly, you will not be able to gracefully handle changes in the schedule such as someone in the family getting sick, a friend coming to visit from out of town, or a last-minute invitation to a birthday party. You might also miss out on some really fun things if you do not have any extra time built into your productive schedule.

Find your best time of day.

Many people do their most productive work first thing in the morning, when they are fresh from a good night’s sleep. Determine when you do your best work, and block out that particular time of the day to do it. You will get more done in a shorter amount of time by capitalizing on the time of day when you are most motivated.

Make time to relax.

Be sure to schedule down time for yourself and your family. All work and no play will lead to burnout and actually hurt your productivity in the long run. If you are staying at home all summer, plan some fun activities to look forward to so you are not tempted to work the entire time. If you are going away on a trip for summer vacation, allow for times to just sit and talk rather than always being on the go. Including times of relaxation will boost your productivity and enjoyment over the long haul.

Eliminate distractions.

Often during summer vacation, you will have a bit more time than usual. During the time you have allotted for accomplishing your goals, resist the temptation to fill this extra time with things that will hurt your productivity: turn off the TV, let your phone go to voice mail, and do not check email. All of these things can be great tools but also have a high potential for distraction.

Being productive during summer vacation is a great goal to have-with a little thought and creativity, you can have the best vacation ever by combining relaxation with working towards and accomplishing specific goals you have set!