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Premier Inn Belfast City Centre

Premier Inn Belfast City Centre Waring Street

When on a shopping trip to Belfast my husband and I decided to stay in the Premier Inn, which is situated on Waring Street. This was because I am pregnant I wanted somewhere which was close walking distance to the shops so I would find it easy to get about.

I have to admit that it was a perfect choice as it is only a few minutes away from Victoria Square and the main street, which has Castle Court shopping centre on it. I didn’t have to walk very far at all to get to any of these places. So it was very handy and made my stay easier.

We parked in the Encore car park, which is nearby and only costs £6 to park for a whole day. I felt that this was very good value as some car parks in Belfast charge you £1 or £2 and hour. It was only a 5-minute walk away from the hotel as well so this was handy when carrying your luggage.

When arriving in the hotel the reception dealt with us very quickly and got us checked into our room very promptly. You have to check out at by 12.00 noon and you need to make sure you leave your room key at reception.

The reception is open 24 hours a day and will help you with any enquiries. If you have a phone in your room you can ring down to them.

They will provide you with extra bed linen and towels, bath mat, iron and ironing board and if you want extra complimentary refreshments. The staff on the reception was efficient and easy to deal with.

If you have forgotten something there is wash bag essentials sold for makes and females. You can purchase these at reception if you wish.

In certain rooms there are telephones provided (we had one in our room) and you also had Internet access via wireless technology (WiFi) or a telephone modem point. We didn’t have a laptop so didn’t use this facility.

The main room is not huge but it is big enough. The one thing I disliked was that the sink was in the main room with a soap dispenser. It also has a shaving point here with a bright light above the mirror. What I didn’t like the most was that if you turned on the toilet light the light above the sink also came on (which is in the main room) and therefore annoys anyone else who is trying to sleep.

Within the room there is a long length mirror and a small kettle which you can make tea or coffee (milk and sugar is included). Beside this underneath the table is a hairdryer but you need to watch, as it’s easy to burn your hair with it as your hair can get caught in the spokes very easily. A small bin is provided for your rubbish

There is an open wardrobe and you can hang your clothes here if you wish but it also has shelves. All in all there is lots of space to store your belongings. A television has been put into the wardrobe to save space and it is easy to watch from your bed comfortably. It is a small flat screen television.

If you need to do office work or even if you need a large table one is in the room. On this desk there is a telephone and a very bright lamp if you need a bright light. A hardback chair is beside the desk for you to sit in.

There is a soft chair in the room as well beside the bed as well as a window, which is to the ground. Above the desk is a purple canvas with purple flowers on it.

In the room there is a large bed with a leather back. Beside the bed there are two lamps that are attached to the wall. Plus if you need it there is a small space to put your belongings on.

The mattress is hard and the bed has a large comfortable duvet. I have very sensitive skin and the starch from the sheets did make me slightly itchy.

One problem we experienced was that at night time we were woken a few times by noisy people outside the hotel and then the people beside our room was also noisy. This happens most places and really wasn’t a big problem for us as it didn’t last long and I got back to sleep very easily.

The bathroom in our room had a large shower and you could sit down in it. It was reasonably clean but it was starting to get a little bit grubby. In the shower there was s very small corner shelf for you to put any toiletries on. The hotel provides you with Lux combined shampoo and shower gel.

In the bathroom also there was a white pedal bin and sanitary bags available. Towel rails was in the bathroom and if you wanted to get new ones you needed to put the dirty towels into the shower.

I didn’t like the way if you turned the bathroom light on there was a light in the main room that also went on automatically and it was rather bright.

While we were staying at this hotel we decided to get breakfast. It cost £2.95 for a baked croissant and coffee or tea. It cost £5.25 for a continental breakfast which included breakfast cereal, juice, tea, toast and fruit. It cost £7.75 for a Premier breakfast which has the same as the continental but you also got a cooked breakfast which included sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, baked beans and potato bread.

I had the continental breakfast and I have to say it was worth the money as you could have as much as you wanted. My husband had the Premier breakfast and it also was eat as much as you liked and her thoroughly enjoyed his breakfast.

We also had a meal in the 4 Corners restaurant and I really enjoyed it as well. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. They accommodated me as I wasn’t feeling very well and I got to eat a sandwich even though only a dinner menu was available. I felt this was very nice of them and thought the service was first class.

Overall I think this hotel is very nice for a breakaway as it is very central and the staff are very nice to deal with. As we had booked in advance the room only cost £29 per night which is brilliant value for the standard of the rooms and the service we got. I liked how close the hotel was to the shops as it meant I could walk to them easily. I would recommend this hotel to anyone and would definitely stay here again.