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Paris Visiting Paris

Paris is a witch. (Paris est une sorciere.) If you live there, you want to leave,but the minute you leave, you want to return.Everyone knows that living in any city can be stressful at times. Visiting Paris is quite a different mattter.Paris will always be beautiful, historical and passionate, and a lure to the hearts of many a visitor for time eternal. The charm of Paris lies in every nook and cranny of this illustrious city. You find it in the outdoor cafes, in the seats in the parks, in the museums, the pastry, oh the pastry! You find it in the aperitifs, the restaurant adventures, and much, much more. Yes Paris is life! Everything in this City of Light fills you with passion and romance.

So you plan on visiting Paris! If you want to meet French people and practice your French, be sure to visit in any month other than the summer months of July and August. The French take their vacations very seriously. In those summer months, they are all gone! Chairs and tables in many restaurants and cafes are turned down, doctors’ offices are closed! You waonder what is happening.The French, they are all in Spain or the Azores or somewhere, everywhere except Paris. The tourists take over the city at this time.

First time visitors to Paris usually have in mind a list of traditionally important sights which reveal the monumental beauty of the French capital However, they eventually learn that there is much, much more. Eventually you realize, that you could not experience all on one trip, you have just got to return. Among the pleasures and treasures and must-sees for the visitor to Paris, are of course: La Tour Eiffel (the Eiffel Tower.) You can’t think of Paris without it. This majestic and artistic steel structure was regarded 30 years ago as the world’s tallest manmade structure. Burj Dubai in Dubai, United Arab Emirates now holds that title.

The Eiffel Tower has become the very symbol of Paris. While there are splendid views are from the first and second levels the most impressive of all is looking up at the tower itself. A boat ride in a bateau-mouche on the river Seine is a must. It is one of the most delightful experiences, especially when the boat turns and gets a full view of the dominant Statue of Liberty. The Seine river divides Paris into the Right Bank (Rive Droite), and the Left Bank (Rive Gauche).

Paris was designed to depict glorious monuments like the religious ones of la cathedrale Notre Dame, le Sacre Coeur and la Madeleine churches which showcase this beauty. The oldest church in Paris Saint Germain-des-Pres is also of significant beauty. Monuments honoring national glory through war ,are the Arc de Triomphe and Les Invalides. In visiting the famous Louvre museum, you will discover a monument devoted to both government and art.

Stroll along the beautiful gardens of the Louvre, les jardins des Tuileries, les jardins du Luxembourg, and its beautiful palace. Visit the Opera House (L’Opera) and do not miss Montparnasse by night.

I know that you will not neglect the restaurants, the shopping on the Right Bank and the bouquinistes and artists on the Left Bank in the famous Latin Quarter. You will also want to visit the charismatic saint Germain Quarter with its typical Parisian caf culture.

Do thorough hotel reviews to help you find the right hotel for your Paris dreams. Move at your own pace. Sightsee, enjoy the wine bars, hotel bars, tea rooms, cafes, cigar shops, and pasty shops, along with your garden promenades and restaurant adventures. Enjoy it all. Enjoy Paris!