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Parc Oasis Zoo and Botanical Gardens Port El Tunisia

Located in the heart of the Resort of Port El Kantoui is a gem of an attraction in the Parc Oasis Zoo and Botanical Park. From the outside, you may easily dismiss that venue as hardly worth bothering with because it does appear to be quite small. You will change your mind, though, when you enter after paying the very inexpensive price of admission. You will be greeted by camels that you can pet and will stand idly by for you to have your photo taken with them. The main area also contains restrooms and food kiosks. It is a good idea to purchase some bird feed here before you start so that you can feed the birds on your walk and save yourself the trouble of having to double back.

The footpath through the park will give you sight of many different species of animals living in their natural habitat. With the exception of the camels and goats, all the animals are housed in enclosures, so you are not in any danger whatsoever. This also means that you will not be able to get as close to these animals as you can with the camels. Young animals and birds are kept in separate locations in the park away from the prying eyes of the public because this venue also serves as a breeding ground for many of the species.

You do not have to visit a separate area of the park to see the exquisite botanical gardens. All along the footpath and in between the fenced areas, you will see flowers blooming . Many of the flowers, shrubs and trees in Parc Oasis Zoo and Botanical Park are endangered species, and it is likely you will not see them in any other location. There are plaques telling you the names of the plants in several languages. The same system is in place to help you identify the wide variety of animals in the zoo.

The route through the Parc Oasis Zoo and Botanical Gardens is a circular one so that you do end up at the starting point. The full walk will take you about an hour but it will educate you about the plants and animals of the region in a very picturesque setting.

If you are spending a vacation at the Resort of Port El Kantoui, this is one worthwhile excursion for adults and children alike. There is a fair amount of shade in the park, but it is wise to have some form of head covering and to wear sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body. It is a great change from lying on the beach and does get you moving, even if it is for a short period of time. Sometimes the best parts of a vacation come in a very small package and this is the case with visiting the Parc Oasis Zoo and Botanical Gardens.