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Old Fashioned Fun

When my family and I traveled to Alva to see my husband’s grandparents, we decided to take a trip into Freedom, Oklahoma to the Alabaster Caverns as an added fun adventure. It was one of the best caves I have ever been through.

When you reach the Alabaster caverns park, you come up to a very quaint general store/park office. Inside they have a small gift shop of very reasonably priced items, and in the back, they have a small room with arachnids, and animal skins, and nature items of interest, including different types of rocks in the caverns. You will also purchase your tickets in this shop to tour the caverns.

The 45 minute tours are offered on the hour, and a light jacket and comfortable shoes are recommended. The constant temperature of the caves are 50 degrees F, so this makes for a nice tour during the summer months.

note* This tour is a semi-strenuous tour, so anyone who has any serious medical conditions, or is claustrophobic should not attend the tour. Also, children under 5 are permitted on the tours, but it is not recomended. (We took our 3 year old, and she was fine.)

Inside the caves you will learn about the wild west gangs that hid in them, you will learn about the types of alabaster and gypsum inside the caves, and you will hear and see five species of tiny bats up close and personal.

You will also be treated to a light show that is so neat, your kid’s eyes will light up with excitement. There are also five undeveloped caves that can be explored from March to September. You must have the required safety equipment and obtain a permit at the Visitors Center.

There are also four hiking trails that are open year round with a total distance of 2 1/2 miles. If you would like to picnic at the park,two there are pavilions accommodate 40 people and 6 pavilions that accommodate up to 15. Reservations for the day are $30.00 and can be made up to a year in advance. 580-621-3381

Camping is also available at the park. 10 sites are available for RV and include water & electric. The cost is $14.00. There are twelve tent sites available for $7.00. Cave camping is also available for $45.00 which requires a minimum of 3 campers and a maximum of 15 campers.

Admission and Fees:

Tour Fees: Adults 13 and over are $6.00, ages 6-12 are $3.00 and 5 and under are free. Call 580-621-3381 for more information

For permit information, and caving, call 580-621-3381 (18 years old and over only)