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Off the Beaten Tracknon Stereotyperesorttouristhotelkeralaindiaraininghoneymoonkozhikode

Off the beaten track and different from the stereotype tourist locations, the Vythiri Resort in Wayanad, Kerala, Southern India has the added attraction that it is an ideal place for newly weds to celebrate their honeymoon.

Wayanad is a forest district located in the Western Ghat mountain ranges of Kerala. Occupied by a tribal population, lots of spices such as cardamom, pepper as well as crops like coffee are cultivated here. The Vythiri Resort is situated within the mountain ranges and a well forested and landscaped terrain. The entire locale is quite striking and difference from the urban set up with which tourists and visitors are too familiar and perhaps fed up.

The easiest way to reach Vythiri is to travel by road (preferably a taxi/jeep) from Kozhikode’s (formerly Calicut) Karipur Airport. Karipur caters to flights from the Middle East cities of Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Sharja etc. Local flights also operate to Karipur airport from Mumbai. Kozhikode is also famous because that is where the Portuguese sailor and explorer Vasco de Gama first landed in India.

The road trip from Kozhikode to Vythiri takes about four hours depending upon traffic and the weather. If it is raining (and remember, it can really rain there in “cats and dogs”) the trip will take longer as your vehicle traverses a hilly and mountainous terrain, with the last section of the road being unpaved.

Once you alight from your automobile, you have to cross over a small foot bridge to reach the resort’s reception centre. Vythiri resort’s accommodation facilities are quite good and different from what the young western travelers are used to. There are cottages, tribal huts and single rooms. By the way they are not cheap as one would have liked them to be,since global commercialization is fast catching up in even such remotely located places.

The interior decoration in the resort is attractive and of good quality. The mattresses to sleep on are generally laid on a slightly elevated wooden support fixed to the red colored floor. The general ambiance is that they are going really green or at least making a good effort at it, as every thing is both user friendly and environment-friendly.

To reach the restaurant at Vythiri resort from your rooms/cottages, you have to walk over a hanging rope bridge and this experience will tingle your senses and pump up your adrenalin!

The food itself is excellent at Vythiri; international fare is available; but it is strongly recommended that you go for some local stuff such as dosas or appam and stew for breakfast etc.

Other possible attractions at Vythiri are mountain/forest trekking, boating and going for the often preferred Ayurvedic treatment and massage facilities, spas etc.

Vythiri can without any hesitation be recommended as one of the best resorts in Kerala. But not cheap any more by normal standards. It is basically a remotely located non stereotype and off the beaten track type of resort and far away from the madding crowd. The Vythiri Resort will be a wonderful experience and will stay in your mental horizons for many years