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Novotel Bali Benoa Review

Going to the Hotel Novotel in Tanjung Benoa, Bali, one may not expect to stay in one building and have breakfast in another building across the road. Yep. Located on Jalan Pratama (Pratama Street) in Tanjung Benoa, the hotel owns two face-to-face buildings on both sides of Pratama Street.

Upon their arrival, the hotel guests are directed toward the main building on the right side of the road. This building stands right next to the beach of Tanjung Benoa (Benoa Cape). Here, there is a lobby with its classic joglo roof, where multilingual receptionists and guest relation ladies are ready to help the visitors, and a traditional musician blows his flute. The lobby is also equipped with two sets of iMac, enabling arrived (or leaving) guests to surf the Internet.

Behind lobby area, there is a lounge and bar called Nanas Bar, which interconnects the lobby and the dining area, Uluwatu Kafe. This is where guests can have their breakfast buffet and themed dinner.

For those who want to take a little walk after breakfast, they just have to step down the stairs and head for the fun & play area by the beach. Here, the guests are pampered by the massage service in semi-open decks, swimming pools & whirlpools, fun games like beach volleyball and dart game, as well as various water sports.

Moving to the second building on the left side of Pratama St., the visitors will find a hallway heading toward different directions: the hotel rooms, Crocokiss Restaurant near the Nirwana swimming pool, and the tennis court. There is also a helpful information board containing the hotel’s special show schedule, theme for today’s dinner, the restaurants’ menu, up to the daily activities for guests.

Maybe you will frown, “daily activities for guests”? Yes, the Benoa Novotel makes a smart move as a getaway destination by arranging different kinds of activity for their guests every single day. This program ranges from morning stretching, aerobics, to fruit carving and puppet making. Even children can earn their right for entertainment and activity here.

Talking about hotel room, the Benoa Novotel offers several types of room: Deluxe, Family Room, Tropical Terrace, Family Suite, Beach Cabana, and Private Pool Villa (the latter two are situated in the main building, by the beach). As an international class resort, the Novotel provides facilities with a touch of excellence in all of the rooms, including the Deluxe room. The exclusive features include wood furniture and floors, modern showered bathroom and restroom, a mini bar, bathrobes, a laundry service, slippers, a hair dryer, a safe deposit box, and tourism magazines.

The exceptionality of the Deluxe room is its garden view (for the ground floor room). So, instead of enjoying typical landscape outside the room, one will get a peaceful, secluded feeling from their private garden. Beautiful.

Another thing that makes the Benoa Novotel different is their commitment towards green environment. Besides applying green living method in their internal scope of company, the hotel also encourages the visitors to give contribution. In each room, there are a number of pamphlets asking the guests to save the use of detergent for towels and laundry items, as well as other forms of contribution.

As a part of international hotel chain, the Benoa Novotel has given concrete example of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) while maintaining first class service to the guests. For this luxurious leisure, the affordable room rate indicates a quite reasonable and worthy value.