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New York Destinations

New York is a place of anticipation, a place for dreamers, for tourists and a place to build a future out of naught. Even for a native “Neu Yawker,” it still is a fascinating city which one never tires from. New York will be a place you never know what or who you will run into in and is a place of adventures that never stays the same for more than a day.

-Ride the Local Bus for a True Feel

The thing about New York City is that by just hopping a bus, sit back and looking out the window you will this metropolis in full action of not only sights but the people who make it tick.

One of the best viewing can be had on the public transportation bus system for the price of a token. One route that stands out and gives a large variety of neighborhoods is the M20 beginning at Lincoln Center all the way downtown to Battery Park City.

This route passes through Times Square, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Tribeca and finally to where the WTC once stood and the Financial Centre begins. From the last stop, you can continue by foot through the beautiful gardens of Battery Park City along the Hudson River to the ferry docks bound for Staten Island. Cost for a round trip ride on the ferry – free. The best bargain in NY.

For bus and subway information the website of the MTA is the best with downloadable maps and interactive user friendly directions.

-Museum It

New York City is made up of five boroughs densely populated with inhabitants from every part of the globe can only be fertile ground for diversity. Growth certainly occurs faster in an urban environment but here it was a positive kind of developing, not the detrimental fast life most people associate it with.

Here you can find some of the best museums in the world with art and visiting collections abound. Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, Guggenheim, MOMA and many others along with thousand of galleries throughout.

-Bring Yourself to Broadway

Broadway and Off Broadway shows feature the top actors, actresses and the hardest working chorus in the cosmos. If you are flexible and just want to see a show at half the price, head for Duffy Square, the center island of 47th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue for TKTS. You can not buy any tickets in advance, only for that days or evenings performance for up to 50% off.

-Shop till You Drop

Shopping can not be beat. Every week there is a sale of some sort at Macy’s known as the Worlds Largest Store. It has also been featured in many a film so maybe that is why they use a star in place of an apostrophe. Before you head out, a secret known to savvy shopping New Yorkers is the site Lazars Shopping. They list all the sample sales the week. You may be able to obtain that Kate Spade handbag after all at a discount directly from the Kate Spade Boutique itself.

-Eat, Drink and Be Merry

New York City has a restaurant for every palate and pocketbook all over the city. A detailed list of the many different restaurants can be found at the New York City Visitor web site. Another helpful tool in selecting a restaurant is Zagat’s Guide for NYC. The guide lists an enormous selection broken down by cuisine, location and price. The pocket guide or website are updated every year with the reviews being done by the consumer and not a restaurant critic. If visiting during the summer, street fairs are held somewhere in the almost every weekend. The street vendor food is a variety of the melting pot of cuisine brought to New York by its immigrants.

As Joan Rivers states: “Go right, there’s Chinatown; go left, Little Italy. Uptown, Harlem. Midtown, Yorkville. Brooklyn is Jews. Queens, Koreans. It’s a cheap way to have relatives.” And you certainly will feel like you do only in New York City.

The official website is NYC Tourist.