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Must see Travel Destinations in the Western United States

The Western United States has some great travel destinations. Among some of the numerous states to visit include California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Here are a few of the must see travel destinations in the Western United States.

Disneyland Park – California

Disneyland Park was the original Disneyland opened in 1955. This is one of California’s highlights, which has a variety of Disney themed rides. Overall, Disneyland Park has some of the largest visitor figures of any other theme park in the United States or beyond. In addition to this, more recent theme parks such as Disney California Adventure have been opened adjacent to Disneyland Park which has expanded the resort further.

Pebble Beach – California

Pebble Beach on the Monterey Coast of California is one of America’s most famous golf courses. This golf course plays alongside the Pacific Ocean, and has some famous holes such as the short seventh par three hole. Pebble Beach is one of the venues for the PGA Tour, and has staged five US Opens in its history, and is also set to host another in 2019. The Pebble Beach Resort also has some other good courses such as Spanish Bay Links, and Spyglass Hill Golf Course. As it says on their website, “teeing up at Pebble Beach Resorts places you among the legends of golf.” So for golf fans Pebble Beach is a great resort to visit.

Hollywood – Los Angeles

Hollywood is the famed district of Los Angeles which is the historical center of the film industry. Here, there is the Hollywood sign in the Santa Monica Mountains, and other historic cultural monuments. Among these include Grauman’s Chinese Theatre located on the historic Hollywood Boulevard. Also in Hollywood is Universal Studios theme park, one of the most historic and famous Hollywood studios. Aside from this, the Academy Awards are also held in Hollywood each year.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

The Grand Canyon is a steep sided canyon in northern Arizona which is one of America’s most notable geological areas, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the oldest and most visited of America’s national parks, which includes a good portion of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River which runs through it. This National Park provides a variety of Grand Canyon tours, including helicopter tours. Hiking and canoing trips along the Colorado River also have their appeal in the Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas – Nevada

The semiarid state of Nevada is also home to Las Vegas, a major resort city for gambling. The Las Vegas strip is a magnet for casinos, and has some famous casinos/hotels such as Ceasar’s Palace where World Series of Poker is hosted. There is, however, a little more to Las Vegas than just casinos with some great indoor theme parks such as Adventuredome, and Las Vegas Wet Indoor Water Park and Theme Park Resort. In addition to this, Vegas also has Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition which houses a fascinating collection of Titanic artifacts, as well as some great replicas of the ship.

Trinity – New Mexico

Trinity in New Mexico was where the a-bomb was first tested, as part of the Manhattan Project. The historic Trinity site is now open to visitors. In addition to this, the National Museum of Nuclear Science History expands upon the Trinity Site, and covers the history of the a-bomb and the Cold War. Among its more notable exhibits include Heritage Park which has a great collection of military aircraft, rockets, and missiles on display for visitors.

So, these are some of the must see travel destinations in the Western United States. They include Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Pebble Beach, Trinity & the Nuclear Science Museum, Disneyland California, and Hollywood in Los Angeles.

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