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Mountains or Beach Holiday – Mountains

Although both types of holidays have their advantages, I would have to choose the fresh, clean air and adventure of the mountains. As much as I enjoy the beach, after spending a couple of hours enjoying the feel of the soft sand between my toes, the sound of lapping waves, and reading a few chapters of a book, I am incredibly bored. I don’t enjoy sitting in the same spot for hours on end and trying my best not to get sunburnt. What I do enjoy is beautiful scenery and the satisfaction of seeing new places and being a little adventurous on my holiday.

As many of you have said, the temperature in the mountains is a lot more bearable, and summer is the perfect time of year to explore the rugged terrain, since it is no longer freezing cold and snowing. With endless opportunities to see both wild animals and flowers, every day brings a new adventure and makes for an interesting and action-packed holiday. Wherever you go, you feel closer to nature, without the commercial touristy atmosphere of many beach resorts. Everything feels cleaner out in the wild, and without the light pollution of larger towns and cities, you can see thousands of stars when day turns to night.

The mountains can also be relaxing, given the lower number of people who go there. You can go somewhere tranquil, with no traffic noise, just you and whoever you choose to go with. It’s the perfect place to de-stress and get away from busy lives in the city. You don’t hear the sound of other holiday-makers, just the trickle of a stream, the rush of a river, or the calling of a bird. In the mountains, nobody will have the same idea as you. Everyone has a different plan, they go on different routes and they want to see different things. Out in the wild you pass other friendly hikers, and realise that perhaps you’re not totally alone. At the beach, you can almost guarantee everyone goes there to sunbathe, swim or chill out with a book.

One of the main pulls of the mountains has to be the breath-taking scenery. After every satisfying climb up a steep path and over jagged rocks, you will have a view that is the same as no other. You can see for miles and feel content with the world, amazed at its staggering beauty. Although there are beautiful beaches, most of them look the same, and it’s almost certain that your friends back home would be more in awe of stunning mountain scenery than several photos of sand and sea. It’s down to personal preference, but I believe it takes people with different qualities to enjoy one or the other.