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Mountain Vacation Rental Horror Stories


This story starts off by letting me introduce myself.I am a country man by heart.I like climbing mountains just for the fun of it.Mostly what i like about the mountains is they are so eyecatching and beautiful.
But the story i am about to tell you is not beautifull.Unless danger appeals beautifull to you.It was the beginning of summer.I have been looking into many different romantic giteways.I have a verry beautiful and romantic girlfriend that i am trying to make happy.
We looked into many different vacation spots.But unfortunitely most of them were out of our price range.I got stressed out thinking about all of it.So i decide to go out for some drinks with a buddy.Igot to talking about my problem with him.That’s when he handed me a set of really old looking house keys.He told me that he owns a little peice of property out in the mountains.Nobody has lived there for a long time.It was passed down to him from his great grandpa.Also he told me that we could do anything we wanted to do there,because there is no neighbors for miles.So we packed up our things and started out into the worst roadtrip that i have ever had in my life.When we arrived it was dark. So we went to gather fire wood.So we would have enough for all night.I came back with mine and started the fire.I found a old recliner in the corner.So i grabbed it and pulled it over by the fire so i could warm myself.Just as i sit down.I hear a scream.It was my beautiful girl.I grabbed a riffle off of the wall and ran out the door towards the scream.But it was too far away to tell where it was coming from.So thinking that she is being kidnapped i fire multiple rounds into the air to try to scare whoever it was away.I searched forever and never found nothing.The next morning i woke to see her bloody soiled panties sitting right in front of me.My lady is being raped and beaten.That i know from the suvinier they left me.So i grab my gun and head off into the woods.
About an hour into walking i see a little hunters shaq.So i head towards it to investigate.But what i found was devistating.There were four different men having sex with her.But the thing that disturbed me the most was when i heard her say its your turn.Talking to one of the other men.
So i just turned around and left.That was the last time i ever saw her again.