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Most Romantic Vacation Destinations in Maryland

Maryland is a great secret on the East coast that provides romantic vacation destinations that all should try if at all possible. Maryland is not a very big state, but one that is beautiful and would be well worth the visit. This article will focus on the most romantic vacation destinations in Maryland. Obviously, opinions will vary, but these spots selected are the top of the line and provide the best value for your money and still are the most romantic.

1. Baltimore Inner Harbor! It should be noted that Baltimore is a big city and could be classified as a romantic vacation spot, but specifically speaking, the Inner Harbor in Baltimore may be the most romantic vacation destination in Maryland. The Tremont Plaza Hotel or Pier 5 are some of the hotels that overlook the Harbor and you can find a reasonable price at either of these places for the view and environment that you will receive. The Inner Harbor at night is breathtaking and the Gallery mall and the food venues that are available will create a stunning evening and vacation. A week at the Baltimore Inner Harbor would be just enough time to see and experience all that this place has to offer. If you really want to indulge, travel about five or ten minutes to Little Italy and enjoy some of the best Italian food you will ever try. Walk around and enjoy the breeze from the Harbor (at the right time of year) and leave knowing you had one of the most romantic vacations ever.

2. Ocean City, Maryland! There is so much to do in this city where you can see the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Ocean City Boardwalk. Walking the boardwalk, eating Thrasher’s French Fries and Fisher’s Popcorn, walking on the beach at night, and sitting on your hotel balcony overlooking the ocean are just a few of the most romantic things you will ever do in your life in this great city. The best place to stay may be further down the boardwalk, around 85th – 100th street where there is not so much commotion, but wherever you stay, you will enjoy the trip very much and have a very romantic vacation indeed.

These two spots summarize romantic vacations at their finest in Maryland and these two areas should be visited by every person passing through Maryland.