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Las Vegas Magical City

Las Vegas is one of the most magical places you can travel to and have fun in so many different ways.

Las Vegas is known as the gambling town but it has so much more to offer beyond your imagination. From incredible shows that can be seen and made only in Las Vegas, through museums, art galleries, shopping arcade through the best restaurants and places of interest.

You can gamble for two to three hours and be fully occupied in Las Vegas. The first thing is to choose the right hotel and the right situation on the strip. Will you be coming just once or every few years again, if you come every few years choose one hotel that will give you the best service and where you will become a member which does not cost anything.

Once you have chosen your hotel, look at the shows that are around the city and book them early enough so that you can get good seats. All seats nowadays are marked so that in most shows giving the maitre D a tip to get better seats has become very difficult in fact nearly impossible. If you are a fan for shows and you organize yourself correctly you could even see two shows in one evening.

The types of shows are very varied, from Cirque du Soleil, through magic shows, through stars coming to give concerts there is something for each and every one to choose from. Restaurants have become a must as well and each hotel has now two to three incredible restaurants where early booking is a must.

Once you arrive and register, go to the casino and register yourself for your few hours of gambling where you get a card that you use. You get a percentage back of the amounts that you played on slots even if you win. Should you take a minimum of five thousand dollars to play on some of the games like roulette you can even get your food and room free of charge.

Every major hotel has shopping arcades, entertainment arcades and art galleries; in fact the Caesar Hotel Forum is the biggest of them all and the most beautiful. There you can find everything that you can dream of from the cheapest to the most expensive. Every hotel has also entertainment possibilities like a dropping elevator or four dimensional films which includes feeling water when it rains or air when the wind blows.

Some hotels like the Venetian will have Gondolas, Circus Circus Hotel will have kid rides which are incredible, the Mirage hotel will have white tigers and as you go from hotel to hotel you will be able to enjoy entertainment to a maximum. All hotels have pools where you can enjoy a few hours of pleasure swimming.

Along the strip are many places of entertainment for kids as well and you can take helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. You can drive down to the Hoover dam and visit its installations.

There are different museums like art galleries, car shows, the Liberace museum and many other points of interest, including silver and gold mines. You can also visit the old strip that has been covered and has become an attraction by itself.

Las Vegas is a city where all dreams and magic can be seen, felt, enjoyed and lived, so enjoy the city.