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Kruger National Park

For someone who is aesthetically driven and thrives on scenic natural beauty there is only one prime holiday destination that comes to mind: Kruger National Park situated cozily in the heart of South Africa and reigning on two million hectares of biodiversity. This wild life haven is a benchmark for rival wild life national parks that are strewn across Africa and one will not go disappointed when they make a trip down its many untainted rugged nature trails. The prime times for your wild life experience is during the chilly winter season when you can conveniently evade the risk of catching viral malaria and witness the naturalistic flora and fauna in its true element as the animals blossom in all their glory when they come out of their hideouts in search of food and water.

The park attracts millions of nature seekers globally for endless reasons and one of them being a showcase of an array of plant varieties that are unique to the rest of the world but are so abundant and thriving in this environment. The park is divided into six eco systems containing one of the rarest plants in the world i.e. Flora and Fauna. Altogether it has approximately 1982 species of plants. Another reason is the often endangered and rare species of birds that have called this sanctuary home. The sanctuary comprises of 517 birds of which nearly half are residents and the remainder are merely migrants and nomads who seek refuge in the park’s nestled beauty and security.

Another tourist attraction is the wild animal safari. Kruger National park has more species of mammals than any other African Game Reserve. The park contains all the big five game animals in vast amounts. The population of Elephants in the park was recorded as 13500 in the year 2006. Besides that the park has over 5000 Giraffes, 1500 Lions and 200 Cheetahs. The park has now run out of capacity to accommodate so many animals and hence the administration has started supplying contraceptive facilities to most of the animals. However it’s not all about the mammals. The park houses 114 species of reptiles including 3000 crocodiles.

The Park administration facilitates comfortably its guests with its luxurious boarding and lodging arrangements. The park currently has 21 rest camps, 7 private lodge concessions and 11 designated private safari lodges. The safari and game lodges range from artistically exquisite to super luxurious with en-suite bathroom facilities. Activities involving first- hand experience of the wild life in its natural element then the park has its very own rangers who whisk you away on game drives and walking safaris as you witness animal history in the making! With its many guided trails ranging from mountain biking to wilderness trails, there is no way one ever experience a moment is ‘okay so what else is there to do?’. For those of you who wish to tie the knot amidst the camp fire and roars of lions then look no further because with Kruger National Parks comfortable and well-equipped facilities there is nothing that can go wrong on your big day. So whether you are planning a quick nature escapade or a long drawn family get-together, Kruger National Park should be the one place you can’t miss for it’s the place where rustic nature and worldly luxury go hand in hand.