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Kakadu Animal Track Safari

Animal Tracks

Authenticity is a pre-requisite for good travel products. If you can achieve that feeling of reality along with the excitement factor you can walk away with your heart and head aglow from the experience.

There is a small Safari operating in the Kakadu National Park of the Northern Territory in Australia that does just that. Small enough to be intimate and well experienced in the desires of travellers, Animal Tracks produce an experience that is rich in its ability to immerse you in the day to day life of First Australians.

You spend five or six hours meandering through some of the seldom seen parts of the park. Countless billabongs, and open plain wetlands all the time embracing the great variety of natural fauna. You selectively undertake the hunting and gathering of your basic food for later in the day.

Fish from this billabong, magpie geese from over there, freshwater mussels from the waters edges, buffalo steaks from a previously slaughtered water buffalo, kept specifically in this region to supply nutritious food to the local inhabitants, long necked turtles tracked and dug out of their subterranean caves,

This is all accomplished under the leadership and encouragement of your guides who share with you the age-old skills that have provided them with adequacy over thousands and thousands of years. Their relationship with the land, their country, is evident in everything they do. There is just enough food taken for need. Nothing is wasted and the land is nourished to provide for the future.

Hundred of thousands of wetland birds gather in this area every dry season and to see this massive congregation in its absolutely pristine habitat is an unforgettable experience. Your hosts share with you much of their background as your functional open sided vehicle slowly meanders through natural bush often creating its own track as you seek out that special view of a wedge tail eagle. Kangaroos and wallaby’s abound and the buffalo are there in numbers.

After procuring your repast you arrive at a small camp area where your hosts create a feast of your secured delicacies and along with the staple Australian fare of Damper, Golden Syrup and hot billy tea ensure that your day is not only exquisite in a cultural sense but also satisfying in its care and attention to detail.

As you make your regretful way back to the outside world your thoughts focus on the wonder of this culture, that has stood the test of time for thousands of years, and you are grateful for the opportunity to have glimpsed just a small portion of it.