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JFK Airport John f Kennedy Airport Flying to or from new York new Yorks Airport

JFK airport or John F Kennedy International Airport as it is also known is located in Queens, New York. This is one of the world busiest and most well known airports and around 45 million passengers are thought to pass through the airport each year. This is a major international hub airport and many connecting flights fly through JFK airport. The airport is located around 12 miles from Lower Manhattan so it’s an ideal place to fly to if you are visiting the city of New York.

Construction of the airport began back in 1943 and since then it has gone on to be expanded several times making it a far larger airport that it was originally intended to be. JFK has four major runways and has eight passenger terminals consisting of over 150 gates. As you can imagine this makes the airport extremely large.

Once in the airport itself it can get very busy. However the airport is so large that the people usually tend to filter through quite well. Even at busy times it is usually possible to find a quieter area of the airport to relax in. The facilities in the airport are all excellent, as you would expect there are shops selling everything you would expect from a major airport. The prices can sometimes be a little high here but it’s a good place to look round. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink in the airport. Whether you are looking for a posh sit down meal or just want to grab some fast food you will have no problem finding something to suit your needs.

The transport links for JFK are excellent. The New York subway is connected to the airport and it’s easy to hop on a train and find yourself in the centre of New York. There are also plenty of buses than run to the airport and these are easy to catch and run fairly regularly. New York’s famous yellow taxis are always waiting to pick anyone up as well although these tend to be more expensive than taking the train or the buses.

Even though JFK is such a huge airport it’s usually quite easy to find your way around. All the terminals are well signed and when you are in your terminal it’s easy to find your gate. There is always plenty of information around to help passengers and let then know any information about their flights. The staff are usually quite helpful although not always the most friendly of airport staff. All the facilities in the airport are top notch, the toilets are always well maintained, there are plenty of phones around and everything else is excellent.

Overall JFK is an excellent airport. It’s one that millions of people use each year which means it is all very modern and well looked after. If you plan on using this airport anytime soon I am sure you will find it serves your needs very well. JFK is one of the world busiest and most popular airports and I see no reason why that will not continue long into the future.