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Islands Travel Djerba Tunisia

Are you looking for a new place to go on vacation? Then read on about what this exciting destination has to offer you and your family! Djerba Tunisia, or as some may refer to it as Jerba or the island of the flamingos is located southeast in the Gulf of Gabes, which is in the africa region. It is a far ways to travel, but could be an exciting destination to see and has all different activities to suit every age of your family. The island provides tourists with any hotels, restaurants and great weather. If you are a seasfood lover, this island is the place for you because their main specialty is Mediterranean style seafood. Activities for tourists include sailing, windsurfing and taking bicycle tours around the island. If you are interested in culture you can go watch gougou dancing in Midoun. If you are looking for unique souvenirs, there are crafts such as pottery, carpets, perfume and jewelry which are usually found in the boutiques of hotels. These crafts are unique and are made by the local people of the island. They could be a great way to take home a piece of culture when you have to back home. The local people are said to be friendly and hospitable and like to make you feel at home when on vacation. Therefore, Djerba is a diverse island with many sites and activities to be seen and done. There are also beautiful sandy beaches and state of the art luxury hotels. Djerba also offers roman sites and others such as the synagogue of the Griba, and shady gardens, open markets which all signify the centuries past. Not only does the island offer fun and recreation, but also has a lot of history in it. Therefore while you are visiting this island you can get a good feel of what it is like to experience the culture, food , festivals and recreation the island has to offer. The island also has a ferry by which you can take to get an outer view of the entire place. Djerba also has very safe, paved roads, and has a local bank in which you can do money exchanging from whichever part of the world you are traveling from. In case of any type of emergency, Djerba also has hospitals and pharmacies. Therefore this island could be referred to as the place you can go and feel comfortable even while on vacation. Culture, sun and sand and friendly people. Who could ask for anything better! This could be a great place and a trip of a lifetime and a place you may not want to leave!