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Invest in the Journey with a Knowledgeable Travel Agent

A good travel agent can be your smartest travel investment. Travel agents are in the business of getting you where you want to go, with the accommodations that you desire, on time and within budget. A good travel agent will listen to your travel requirements and offer compelling solutions for your consideration. As an investment, here is the good news! Most travel agencies operate on a commission basis, paid by the travel industry vendors, not the traveler!

How does this work? Throughout the travel and hospitality industry, the vendors pay commissions to the travel agents who book clients to their services or accommodations. This commission is generally a small percentage of the booking price and transparent to the client. However, in the United States, most airlines have discontinued commissions for travel agencies. When booking airfare through a travel agency, a service fee may be charged.

To ensure volumes of agent bookings, the hospitality vendors aggressively market their services and accommodations to the travel agent community. For this arrangement to be successful, the vendors and the travel agent must be astute at understanding the ideal client for each hospitality vendor. Vendors sometimes offer discount programs for travel agents to visit their locations for a first-hand experience. Other vendors offer web-based training courses with video or photos of the destination. There are also travel industry certification programs with intensive classes for agents. These tools give current and fresh perspectives on travel destinations and are immensely valuable to the travel agent.

A good travel agent recognizes and communicates the advantages and disadvantages of certain destinations and in this process, will align the destinations to your trip preferences and find that perfect match. Your smart investment pays off when you have full access to the knowledge of an experienced travel agent. If your travel agent does not have the answer to a question, they will access a variety of resources that are not commonly available to consumers. Your question will be solved quickly, efficiently and most importantly, with great accuracy.

After experiencing the benefits of having a travel agent to organize your travel, you will see true value in using your time preparing for such other aspects of the trip as shopping for new clothes or toning for beach-ready fitness!

Your next journey may have more adventure than the movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. The right travel agent can get you to your destination with cruise ships, sailing boats, railways, and even RV rentals. Once there, you can enjoy your evenings in luxury or budget hotels, Bed & Breakfast accommodations, cabins or even historic castles. Your journey is a smart investment of your time and money with an experienced and resourceful travel agent. With itinerary in hand and the trip fully organized, you are free to enjoy the journey instead of worry over the details. Travel agents are very relevant in today’s society and provide valuable services to busy travelers.