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Information on Puerto Rico Resort Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico is an attractive beach resort in the South of Gran Canaria Island. It is set in the Puerto Rico valley with a half moon beach on the seashore flanked by two recreational marinas. The valley is full of apartments and bungalow complexes and there is a large shopping centre right in the centre of the resort, brimming with shops and restaurants. Just next door to Puerto Rico is a brand new artificial beach called Amadores, connected to the main resort by road and by an attractive cliff path. Puerto Rico resort also has some nice parks and gardens in its centre and is brimming with tropical plants and flowers.

Puerto Rico attracts mainly British and German tourists and also some Scandinavians. Most people who stay in the resort are package tourists who come to Puerto Rico looking for sunshine and fun. The weather in Puerto Rico is the best on the island and consequently as good as it gets in the world. Puerto Rico consistently gets more sunshine hours per day than almost anywhere else.

As for amenities, there are dozens of bars and restaurants, mainly in the shopping centre and down along the beachfront. You can book almost any activity you can image in Puerto Rico, from skydiving to scuba diving, whale watching to sailing boat cruises. The resort is connected to the very attractive resort and fishing village of Puerto de Mogan and to others spots along the south coast of Gran Canaria via a small ferry service. There is a water park within walking distance of the whole resort

Puerto Rico is an ideal resort for people coming on holiday to switch off from the world and not worry about anything. It is a great family destination and many apartment complexes offer kiddy club facilities. All tastes are catered too and you can as easily find a full English breakfast as you can a restaurant offering traditional Canarian food. People looking for an authentic Spanish vacation might consider booking somewhere else, as Puerto Rico is definitely an international resort. English and German are widely spoken and there are plenty of supermarkets selling home comfort foods.

Getting to Puerto Rico from the airport independently is expensive. Most people come as part of a package deal that includes bus transfers to and from the airport. A one way local bus ticket from the airport to Puerto Rico will cost you less than ten Euros but a taxi will be between 40 and fifty Euros.