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I am Sailing

Single people have often felt it better to stay at home rather than travel alone but this need not be the case nowadays as there is a vast selection of holiday packages available for them to choose from. There is no longer any stigma involved for singles travelling alone and the best cruises for them can easily be found on the Internet.

Another deterrent to solo cruising in previous years has been the prohibitive cost because single cabins have not widely been available as standard. But nowadays the single traveller can readily find a cruise line that will be happy to cater for his or her individual needs rather than be penalised for single occupancy. In the past many cruise lines have charged ridiculously high prices for solo travel making it more economical for singles to pair up with a friend or even advertise for a complete stranger to accompany them rather than pay almost double for their cabin.

New cruise ships have recently been commissioned that boast purpose-built cabins aimed at the solo traveller; but these people must still ask themselves several pertinent questions first. What type of cruise ship would I prefer? Do I want to mix with others freely or do I want quality time to myself? Am I looking for other singles to perhaps form a new relationship or am I happy to be alone?

Some of the larger cruise ships like Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas are so vast that they are more like floating islands and the single traveller can quite literally disappear in the crowd, not bumping into the same person twice all the time they are aboard. If potential passengers want some time to themselves, they may not find it on vessels such as these and the smaller more traditional cruise ships would thus hold more appeal.

Most cruise lines provide a plethora of activities whilst at sea so there will be ample opportunity for the single traveller to adapt the ship’s daily timetable to their own specific needs. There will be sure to be something to occupy everyone during those days at sea between various ports of call.

P&0’s Azura has eighteen single cabins; there are no single supplements to pay and these luxurious cabins are even equipped with an oversized single bed so be prepared to book ultra early as they will soon be snapped up. The cabins are by no means cramped at 130 square feet and are equipped with every modern convenience the discerning traveller would expect. There is also a choice of inside cabins or those with a sea view.

The UK based Azura was launched in April 2010; she can carry 3,000 passengers and cruises to various ports of call in a selection of popular destinations all over the globe. Future itineraries for 2011 include Mediterranean Cruises, Canary Island cruises and Azura will also sail to the ever popular Eastern Caribbean for those tourists based in the states.

Another ‘Singles friendly’ cruise ship is Norwegian Epic where specially designed staterooms have been available to the single passenger since it first came into service. Transatlantic cruises are scheduled for the coming year and also those which include European and Caribbean ports of call.

For those who prefer a vacation that specifically caters for singles wishing to meet other singles then look no further; Carnival cruise lines have a selection of cruises exclusively for singles lined up for 2011. Many cruises are aimed at specific age groups or those with common interests. For less than $900 the solo traveller can enjoy an 8 day cruise to the Caribbean aboard The Carnival Miracle departing from New York in September 2011.

In conclusion, cruise lines when commissioning new ships are at last beginning to take the needs of the solo traveller into consideration. This group now takes up a fair proportion of those people who prefer cruising to any other type of vacation and cruise lines must therefore provide them with acceptable accommodation at an affordable price.