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How to use the Internet for Planning your Trip

You are planning a trip and have decided on a destination. You also know what mode of transportation you are planning. But what are the cheapest rates and where can you get the best deals for lodging?

The best way to find travel information on the Internet is to do a search in Google or any search engine. Scroll through the available listings and pick a few and click on them. If the site is not easy to understand or doesn’t provide almost immediate information, go on to another site. Don’t waste time on a site that is not providing you with quick and reliable information.

Type in your search engine exactly what you are looking for. Is it cheap tickets, vacation package, car rentals, or hotel? Is it a campsite, hostel, or cruise? Typing in “cheap tickets” came up with the following:


Planning to travel by air and looking for cheap tickets? Try this website: www.cheaptickets.com.

This is an excellent website for finding great vacation deals and good prices. They offer the following: vacation packages, hotels, cars and rails, cruises, flights, event tickets, last minute trips, and their all exclusive offer is “Cheap of the Week.”

They also offer Best Sellers/Top Deals; basketball tickets, Disneyland, Universal Orlando, and Walt Disney World. You can do a search for Sports, Concerts, and Theater. It is a good idea to know about what you are planning to do once you get to your destination. This site offers everything. They offer top hotel destinations, top vacations, and cheap cruise deals.

Why not enjoy your vacation and give back to its community at the same time. You can also gain valuable education, experience, and a sense of belonging by doing this. Cheap Tickets offers unique Volunteer Vacations. Included is a Volunteer Travel Blog and Top Volunteer Events. You can also post volunteer opportunities. Currently listed is a Food Bank Set up in CA, Distributing toys during the holiday in MA, and Clothing intake volunteer in VA.

The parent company for this website is Orbitz which is also a travel and vacation site – www.orbitz.com. Besides cheap tickets they offer ebookers, hotel club, rates to go, the away network, and Asia Hotels.


Another online site that is easy to use is http://travel.yahoo.com They offer flights, hotels, cars, vacations, and cruises and “Today’s Picks.” You can choose, airflights, hotels, cars, vacations, or cruises:

For airflights just fill in your information: from, to, depart, return and do a search. It will come up with the best deals according to the information you entered.

For hotels enter your city, state, check in and check out time and do a search.

For cars enter pick-up at the airport, car type, pick up date, and drop off date. 3 types of cars are available which includes anything from an Economy to Luxury to Convertible, SUVs, all terrain, trucks, vans, wagons, and specialty.

For Vacations enter your from and to destination and your departure time and return time and do a search.

For cruises enter your destination and travel month. You can choose from a variety of cruise lines: Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal, Disney, Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Windstar.
Travel guides, hotel guides, and trip plans and journals are also offered.

Here is another good online site for finding just about everything: www.expedia.com. They offer deals on flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages, cruises, and other activities. Special deals and offers, maps, business travel, and rewards are also offered.


Here are a few more excellent sites that will help you plan your vacation:





If you want really cheap places to stay, try Hostels. Hostels are located all over the world and offer an alternative to the higher priced and luxury hotels. They are like dorm rooms and sometimes you will share a room. There is usually a community room where travelers can gather and get to meet other travelers. Bathrooms are shared and there is usually a kitchen where you can prepare your own meal.

Here is a good website for Hostels: www.hostels.com. Over 26,271 hostels around the world are listed. Choose your country, city, and arrival date, and currencey being used.


If you prefer a hotel, motel, or inn, try www.roadsideamerica.com/hotels_motels/country/us.html. Here you can choose by state and city. There is a also a list of hotel chains; accommodations near the city of your choice; stadiums, arenas, and athletic fields, universities and colleges; and hospitals and medical care facilities. Each destination city has a list of unusual tourist attractions.


Planning a cruise? Here is a great cruise website: www.cruises.com. This site offers information on group cruises, destinations, cruise lines, and shore excursions. To find the cruise just for you do a cruise search by entering destination, departure date, and cruise length.

Their front page offers a $600 free spending deal with Azamara Cruises. They also offer limited time offers, special cruise offers, and top cruise destinations.


There are many ways to travel. You can travel by bike, hiking, car, or RV. If traveling these ways you might want map information or information on places to stay besides hotels, motels, and inns.

Hikers and backpackers often stay in hostels referred to earlier. Also campgrounds are available. People traveling by car, van, or RV will look also for campgrounds or truck stops.


Trucks stops offer the cheapest travel accommodation and you don’t have to be a trucker to stay in a truck stop. Truck stops are totally free and offer bathrooms and picnic tables. You just park your vehicle and go to sleep. Often they are located at or near a visitor center and will have drink and snack machines and travel literature available. Some truck stops may even have a small restaurant or snack bar. They are all different. There are truck stops in every state of the United States.

Here is a great site for finding truck stops: www.bigtruckdrivingjobs.com/truck-stops.html


Some campgrounds also offer places for tents. Other campgrounds offer cabins. They usually offer showers, bathrooms, and a laundromat. Primitive campgrounds only offer outside toilets and a place to set up a tent. RV campgrounds offers electric and water hookups for RVs and may also offer some tenting spaces.

Here are a few good websites for campgrounds:

www.freecampgrounds.com/index.aspx. There are 1659 campsites listed. Campsites are listed by state and are free or nearly free.

www.roadcamping.com. Here you can pick the state you want to camp in and then the closest city. You will get a description, the camping website, and a map. Also, the campground address, phone number, cost, and whether or not it allows tenting. There are 7561 campsites listed.

www.koa.com and www.woodalls.com. These are two member RV campgrounds that offer a lot of information on camping.


Here is a good description of hosteling and the difference between a hostel and a hotel: www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-difference-between-a-hostel-and-a-hotel.htm

Hikers – try this website: www.trailjournals.com. If you are hiking the appalacian trail or the great smokies, here is a place to write about your hiking adventure.