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How to use a Fast Pass at the Disney Parks

Walt Disney World and its theme parks have instituted a very useful tool for navigating the crowds and avoiding long lines at the Walt Disney World parks. It is called the Fast Pass system, and if you know how to use it, you can cut down on your ride wait time significantly. The following are tips on how to use the Fast Pass at the Walt Disney World Parks.

A Fast Pass is almost like making a reservation. You can get a Fast Pass at or near the entrance to the ride that has it. Not all rides at the parks do but many of the more popular ones do. You put in your park ticket or pass and the machine will give you a Fast Pass. In it, it will tell you the time range that you can come back to the ride. How far in advance it is will depend on how many Fast Passes have already been given out for that ride – it could be very soon or it could be hours away. It will also list the time that you can get another Fast Pass. You usually cannot get another one for a while – until the other one can be used.

You can then go and do whatever you want. When it is in that time range you can come back and go in through a special Fast Pass entrance. Sometimes you will walk right on the ride. Other times you will have to wait on a short line, but it is almost always significantly shorter than the regular line. You will, of course, get the same experience on the ride.

You will want to get the Fast Passes for the rides that have long waits. They will tell you in advance when the Fast Pass will be good for. After you get one, you might want to go on another ride. As soon as you are eligible to get your next one, you might want to do so even if you have not used the other Fast Pass yet. Then after you are done with the first ride it will be closer to the time for the next one. As you go and use this system, you will become more familiar with the best rides to do it with and in what order.

On the extremely popular rides, Fast Passes can and do run out so you might want to get them earlier to the rides that are the busiest and have the longest waits.

The Fast Pass can save you a great deal of time and the hassle of sitting in line. Use the above tips to help you navigate this useful tool.