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How to Stay Safe on Spring Break

Spring break is the time of year when many college students relax and let their hair down. For the most, it takes place a week or two after midterm exams, during a time when there is a general lull in the amount of work students have to complete. It is the perfect time of year because students get to recuperate before having to face a number of assignments leading up to final exams. However, many students on a quest to have fun forget about staying safe on spring break.

The first step to staying safe on spring break is traveling groups of three or four and never going anywhere alone, if at all possible. As a rule, people are less likely to be victims of crime if they travel in a group. If circumstances occur where you have to go somewhere alone, let your traveling companions or the desk clerk at the place you are staying know where you are planning to go and what time you plan to return. If you will be late or not coming in, call someone and let them know this information as well.

Remember what your parents drilled into your head from the time you were about three years old. “Don’t get in a car with anyone you don’t know.” Sometimes during spring break, both male and females let a beautiful face and nice bodies sway their sense of good judgment. However, people who are out to do you harm come in all kinds of packages, even pretty ones.

One the same note, watching the amount of alcohol you drink can help you stay safe on spring break. The more alcohol people drink, the more their inhibitions are freed and the more likely they are to do something that they will regret. In addition, keep your eyes on your drink. Finish it before going on the dance floor or if you leave it, let the bar fix a fresh drink. This is a precaution against getting something a little extra added to your beverage.

Always lock the door to the place you are staying, whether you are in the room or going out for the evening. Often thieves do not have to kick doors down to enter rooms. Usually, due to carelessness, all they have to do is open an unlocked door or window to get in where they want. It’s so much more efficient than breaking something to get into a place. Locking doors also deters you from waking up to unwanted guests crashing in your room, on the couch or on the floor.

Staying safe on spring break does not have to dampen the fun of this time of year. Actually, exercising a level of caution helps individuals not do things they will regret, or worse, become victims of crime. Traveling in groups, not going out with people you don’t know and being careful about alcohol consumption are the best ways to remain safe.