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How to Save Money on Hotels

In these days and times, saving money is as important as ever. While sometimes a task easier said than done, there are plenty of ways to save money in every area imaginable. Hotels are one of the easiest things to save money on! There are several ways you can take advantage of low prices and great deals at hotels across the world.

So now you are probably wondering how you can save all this money on hotel reservations! The first way to keep more cash in your wallet when booking a hotel is using the Internet! The world wide web has many sites offering discounted rates on thousands of hotels across the world. To book a hotel online you must enter your credit card information, so you will need a valid card. Sites such as www.expedia.com and www.priceline.com are two of the most reliable hotel-booking sites.

For those who just need a hotel for the night and don’t care about amenities or distance from a certain location, www.priceline.com has a fantastic hotel money saver with their N.Y.O.P., or name your own price option. Using this feature you select the star level, city,and area of the hotel, name the price you would like to pay, and they find a hotel willing to accept this price. There is a quality guarantee with this feature, but once you have input all of the information, you can not change hotels nor cancel it.You won’t know what hotel before hand or what the hotel offers, but you will be getting an outstanding price.

Of course before booking any hotel online a call should be made directly to the hotel first for a phone price of the room. In rare instance the hotel is offering a slightly lower rate than through these sites. You should also check with the hotel regarding any discounts they may offer than could drastically lower your room rate.

If your travel dates are flexible, ask the hotel for any better deals on different nights. You may be surprised the price difference between staying on a Monday rather than Tuesday. Booking your hotel reservation during off season can also make a tremendous difference in the price per night of the hotel room.

Using a hotel travel guide can put money-saving coupons in the palm of your hands! These guides can be found at convenience stores throughout, as well as printable versions available online with sites such as www.roomsaver.com. In addition to the savings, you can find out plenty of information about the area and hotel.