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How to Save Money on Hotel Rooms Hotel Hotel Rooms

The posted rate or rack rate of a hotel room is the maximum price you pay when you book a room in any hotel. There are ways of getting around this so that you save money and get the cheapest price possible. This is true in the off-season, but you can also get discounts on your hotel room in the peak tourist season. When you do make your booking, make sure you ask if this hotel offers any discounts, such as for government employees, military personnel, members of clubs and organizations. senior or frequent flyer discounts.

Other tips that will help you save money when booking a hotel room include:

* Call the individual hotel in the city that you wish to visit. You often get a better rate this way over using the toll-free number for the hotel chain reservation desk. Some hotels offer special rates for weekends and holidays that may not be a regular rate at the main reservation office.

* Booking online will save you money as well, especially if you book through such websites as Priceline.com, hotwire.com or expedia.com. Hotels often offer Internet-only discounts to these websites so that travellers can do a one-stop booking for their flight, hotel and rental car reservations.

* Save money on hotel rooms by booking in the off-season. There are many rooms available at this time of the year and discounts are far greater than any you will find in the peak season.

* Travelling as part of a group will net you discounts on the rate of hotel rooms. Book a block of rooms for a party and the hotel will give you a much cheaper rate than if you booked only one.

* Long term rates are also cheaper than one night stays. If you book a room in a hotel and make this your base of operations for touring the surrounding area, for a week or more, then you will get a better rate because the hotel knows that the room is booked for a longer period of time.

* Make sure you know about hidden charges. Using the telephone in your room carries a fee, even if it is a local call. If you have a room with a mini-bar, you pay double or triple the cost when you take a snack from the bar and this is added to your bill when you check out. The same thing applies to the pay per view movies on the TV. They are way more expensive than renting a movie and using a VCR.

* Book an efficiency room. Such a room comes with a kitchenette where you can cook your own meals. This will save you money by not having to eat in a restaurant. You need to buy groceries, whether you are at home or on holiday, so you can just bring your food with you and cook what you want.

* Many hotels have frequent stay programs that offer you a free night after you accumulate a specified number of stays. The enrolment in such programs is free and if you choose to stay in the same hotel chain in every city that you visit, you can get one or more nights at no charge.