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How to Prepare for a Long Flight

Long flights can be trying to your nerves and to your body. While it’s truly amazing we can travel across oceans and continents, the trip can be a bit challenging. Flying can especially be hard if you have a fear of flying. If you are planning to go overseas or cross-country, below are a few tips on how to prepare for a long flight.

* Dress in layers

First of all, you do not want to be too cold or too hot on the flight. Yet flight experiences are not all the same. Some planes feel drafty; others are stuffy. That’s why it’s smart to dress in layers. That way, you can make adjustments so as to be comfortable under various conditions.

* Bring things to do

One problem with long flights is that they often take several hours, which can get boring. The key is to bring things to do. For the bag you bring on your flight, include things that you enjoy: a good book, crossword puzzles, your journal or travel-sized games. You can distract yourself for hours – if you are prepared.

Many airlines now offer Wi-Fi for a very reasonable fee. So you can access the Internet while flying. If you prefer to play a DVD on your laptop, bring your ear buds and enjoy.

* Pack bottled water and snacks

One problem with flying is that you often feel dehydrated. You can avoid that problem by packing a few bottles of water. You may also want to bring some snacks, especially if you enjoy healthy foods. Pack some almonds or a granola bar. That way, you are not entirely dependent on the airline for food.

* Be prepared for possible ailments

One scary thought about a long flight involves your body. What if you start feeling nauseated? Or what if your stomach feels like it may explode? You can be prepared by packing a pill box with various medicines that can help you with an upset stomach or headache. You may even want to bring a Tylenol PM, in the event you need some help sleeping.

* Purchase items that will make travel more comfortable

There are numerous items you can purchase to help make your long flight more comfortable. There are neck support pillows. Or you may want to get a sleep mask, so as to block out some of the light on the plane. And if the sound of others annoys you, consider using ear plugs.

By taking some actions to prepare for a long flight, you will likely find it far more bearable. And that is certainly a positive thing.