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How to Maintain your Exercise Routine while Traveling

You know what they say about the best-laid plans? You really did plan to get to the gym when you where on vacation, but you never managed to get around to it. What if we told you that it is possible to get a pretty good workout in the privacy of your hotel room? To sweeten the deal, this workout would use equipment that can easily fit into your suitcase, without providing any significant additional weight.

Have you ever wanted to travel with the band? Here’s your chance! Resistance bands come in all shapes sizes and prices. They are portable, versatile and effective. Are they as effective as free weights? Consider this. When you engage in a strength training routine, a force is applied to your body that is greater than normal. A resistance machine, free weights or a rubber resistance band or tube, can apply this force. Your body is oblivious to the difference between metal or rubber resistance. It simply encourages your muscles to respond to this resistance by getting stronger.

Here is something else to think about: After a one-week layoff from exercise, regaining lost strength is significantly more challenging than regaining aerobic endurance and flexibility. If you have been enjoying the buffed body that is a result of your strength-training program, wouldn’t it be silly to lose it? Now that you’re convinced, let’s take a look at the different types of rubber resistance products.

Therabands: Therabands are wide, flat bands that are made of durable rubber latex. If you are allergic to latex, don’t despair. Some companies make a latex-free product. They come in different colors, which are indicative of the various levels of resistance.

Resistance Tubing: Resistance tubes are narrow bands, which are shaped like jump ropes. They have the distinct advantage of having a handle at each end, which makes them versatile and ergonomic. Resistance tubes can be used for upper body, lower body and abdominal exercises. You can also purchase door attachments, as well as devices that can secure the tube to an immoveable object, such as a desk or a bed. These attachments are excellent for performing upper body exercises. For example, if you attach the tubing to the door, you can perform a rowing exercise. Simply step back until the tube has no slack. Inhale to prepare, and as you exhale, flex your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades together. This is a perfect exercise for defining your upper back muscles. What a perfect way to look great in those low back summer fashions!

Ankle Tubes: Ankle tubes are excellent for leg exercises. Here are some ideas:

For your outer thighs;

Place the tube around your ankles.
Step out to the side with your right foot.
Bring your left foot in to meet your right
Perform four steps to the right, and four steps to the left

For hamstrings:

Place your left leg in front of your right.
Keep your left leg slightly bent
Inhale to prepare
As you exhale, bend your right knee.
Perform 12 repetitions
Change legs

Of course, if you really prefer to stick to a traditional gym workout, there’s always the option of choosing a hotel that has its own fitness center. The Westin Hotel chain makes it even easier. You can request a Westin Workout by Reebok Room, which will feature your choice of a treadmill or bicycle, as well as a stability ball and a unique weight system designed by Bowflex. These space-saving weights use a dial system, which allows you to instantly adjust the resistance, without having to switch to a different set of dumbbells.

When all else fails, you can always take advantage of the natural environment of your travel destination. Opt for walking tours as opposed to bus tours. Look for hilly territory. Climbing hills works wonders for your glutes and legs. You worked hard to get in shape. With a bit of creativity, you can maintain your fitness level while traveling. Go for it!