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How to keep Baby Snug and Warm when Traveling this Christmas

When you are traveling for the holidays with a baby, one of your highest priorities is going to be keeping your baby nice and warm. How you keep your baby warm will depend largely on where you are going and how you are going to get there. It also may depend a certain amount on the age of your baby.

Before you embark on any trip, you need to check the weather forecast for where you are going. This will help you to be prepared for any situation with the proper clothing and equipment. It will also help you to know whether you just need to wrap your little bundle of joy in a light blanket, or in a full pram suit.

From there, you need to decide how you are travelling. If you are travelling by car, you can get away with having extra blankets for warmth that you just put in the car. If you are travelling by plane, you may want to get a pram suit, or a jacket for an older baby, so that you do not have to deal with multiple blankets trying to get through airport security.

Whatever your mode of transportation and your destination, you will want to dress your baby in layers. This way you can put on more and take off a few as needed. Start with an undershirt for your little one, or thermal pajamas if it is going to be really cold where you are going. Over that, you can put on a pair of pants and a long sleeve t-shirt or turtleneck. From there, you may add a pram suit or jacket, depending on the baby’s age and how cold it’s going to be where you are headed. Don’t forget socks for your little one as well as a pair of mittens for really cold temperatures. Make sure that they are mittens and not gloves, because babies tend not to be very cooperative about separating their fingers to put on a pair of gloves.

If the temperature starts to warm up, you can take layers off, starting with the pram suit or jacket, and eventually allowing your baby to travel in pajamas only if it gets too warm. If it starts to get colder, you can add more blankets. Make sure that whether your baby is wearing a pram suit or jacket, there is a hat or a hood to cover baby’s head, as babies tend to lose a great deal of body heat through their heads, especially babies without a lot of hair.

As long as you follow these guidelines, your baby will be nice and warm throughout the trip, and you will have less reason to worry about your precious little one.