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How to get in a better Class Flying Standby

Flying standby can put you into a stressful situation. You don’t know whether you are going to get on the flight or what class you might be in. There is always a frantic rush to get through security and then get to your departure gate. However luckily there are a few things you can do to make your standby flight a little more relaxing…


Preparation is essential when you are flying standby. You need to look at the number of flights flying standby on your desired day. Check the availability left on the plane, and also the number of people who flying standby ranked higher than you. Pick a day to fly where the availability is high and there are many flights to your destination. This will increase your chances of getting onto the flight.


The way in which you present yourself could cost you your ticket. Make sure that you dress as outlined by the airline you are flying for. When you check in be friendly and understanding. The likelihood is that you will not get a seat instantly. You will probably be told to wait in the airport staff waiting room. If they ask you whether you wouldn’t mind taking a jump seat, say you wouldn’t mind because you could get upgraded later. Make sure that you go to the waiting room and wait until you are notified that you are on the flight before going through security.

Don’t be afraid to ask:

Many people miss their standby flights because they don’t want to jump through the security queue. If you need to get through quickly, briefly explain the situation and the security guard will let you go through.

Wait a little longer:

When you are through security and at the gate where everybody is boarding you should wait a little longer. Let other passengers get on the plane first because if you wait you could get a class upgrade. It is less likely that they will upgrade you while you are on the plane. You never know whether a commercial passenger might not make it to the gate.

On board comfort:

Flying standby can be very stressful at times, but when you are on the flight you will want to relax a bit. You don’t know where you could end up on the plane, from first class to a jump seat. Its all a bit of luck, so make sure you bring with you some essential comforts such as an iPod or a small pillow. Anything that you might feel will make the journey that little bit more endurable!

Happy flying.