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How to Find Cheap Senior Travel

A senior discount is society’s way of recognizing its members that have managed to survive to the golden years. When traveling those discounts can save a senior up to 15%. While that might not sound like a lot each little bit adds up. Over the course of a well planned trip it could end up being a couple hundred dollars worth in savings. Finding all available discounts will take a little work and research but it is doable.

Ask; there is no easier way of finding out if a company offers a discount than asking. Most places do require proof of age in the form of a photo id. While most places offer discounts they don’t allow their employees to ask if you qualify too keep from offending customers.

Search engines; if you want to find out about senior discounts without having a specific company in mind you can enter a key phrase such as “senior discounts for hotels” and will receive results for either specific hotels or for sites that contain lists of hotels that offer discounts. Since discounts have been going on for years there are databases designed to help the qualified find them. The hardest part is finding one of the databases. Begin by deciding what type of services to search for. Restaurants, airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and everything in between may have discounts and coupons available online.

Travel Websites; many travel websites such as orbitz.com, Expedia.com ask age during the booking process if the airlines offer senior discounts the price listed includes the discount. If unsure whether the price shown includes a discount customer service is available.

Other websites; there are many online sites tailored to the senior citizen that can provide information on discounts that other travelers have found. One such site is seniordiscounts.com, which requires a membership but gives access to complete discount listings based on the city and state entered into the search bar. This is just one example of sites of this nature, there are many more available once a little effort is put into searching for them.

Coupons; while they are not specifically for seniors they will help reduce costs even farther. Many places that do not have discounts do have coupons available.

When planning a trip take the time to call ahead and ask about discounts. If the first place doesn’t offer them chances are the second or third will. A well planned trip includes doing what is necessary to get the best price available. Luckily senior discounts are fairly common, all it takes to find them is to be willing to admit to being a senior.