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How to Find Caribbean Vacation Package Deals

Where to find the best deals on Caribbean vacation packages? On the Internet or through a travel agent, where else? Which one you choose will depend on how much you are willing to trust the advertising on the Internet, how much you trust the travel agent, and how much effort you want to put into looking!

Looking on the Internet, there are literally millions of choices, over two million if you type in ” Caribbean vacation packages” on Google. You will get all the major sites with deals such as Expedia and Orbitz as well as millions of individual offering from all the hotels, islands, and tour operators! Sorting through all of them can be a challenge. You need to remember, they are advertising and so may not be completely objective, read them with a critical eye.

The challenge or sorting Internet choices can be simplified by using sites such as TripAdvisor, look over the Caribbean Vacation Package Reviews. They are written by people who actually took those trips and can tell you what to expect. Read them carefully as they will have individual bias. But if enough had a wonderful time then the package is worth considering. If most wanted their money back you might reconsider!

May be you prefer to get a direct human opinion and some one you can ask questions, then you need to consider a travel agent or tour operator. The two are similar, with the tour operators usually knowing more about the activities at the destination while the travel agent is better with flights and accommodations. It is best if you can find an agent that has actually been to the Caribbean. The best way to find who you need is to go through the yellow pages and then make some calls, it is cheaper than driving and will help narrow down your choices.

No matter how you look for your deals, Internet or travel agent, make a list of what you want your package to include. Should it be cheap airfare or will you be using air miles? Do you want tours and dinners included or will you be going “a la carte”. These little things can effect the deal that you get. Some airlines don’t fly to certain destinations. Some plasces have cheap rooms and very expensive food! Pick your deals carefully!

Where to find the best Caribbean vacation package deals? Look around, there are deals everywhere, best will depend on what you want!