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Hotel Saftey

When preparing to travel somewhere to stay think carefully about where you are going and what the place you are staying in is likely to have. Obviously a five star hotel will feature more then a hostel but be aware that some countries rules for safety differ from other countries. Think what you need to be safe and think what you have at home that you wouldn’t want to do without.


Many places will have a number of alarms but probably not enough. This is especially true if in a high rise hotel where a few seconds extra warning could be crucial to you. As there have been many cases of people suffering carbon monoxide poisoning abroad it may be worth taking a form of warning device. It can be like a fire alarm which gives an audible alarm or something simple that changes colour when carbon monoxide is detected. Poorly maintained gas fires and gas boilers can be fatal if not checked enough, this is especially true where the items aren’t used a lot.


Many firms offer simple alarms that will trigger when the dooors or windows that they are attached to are opened. This can not only warn you when you are in the room but will give an alarm when you are out. These are sometimes combined with locking mechanisms to improve the strength of the lock as well.


This may sound strange for a safety tip but it could be useful. If someone knocks on the door claiming to be an official or a member of staff it helps if you know what they are saying to you. Also you can ask them relevant questions and ask for a phone number you can use to check their voracity.


A hammer may be difficult to get through customs unless you are camping but could be replaced by something found locally. The object could be used to break windows in case of a fire and can in extreme circumstances as a weapon if threatened. Its something that should be kept with you when sleeping and should be easy to reach quickly.


Hygiene and cleanliness is important and can lead to numerous problems. If worried take some cleaning wipes with you to clean important areas. If worried about bedding take your own or possibly buy a cotton sleeping tube as used in youth hostels. Its designed as a sheet that is like a sleeping bag with an attached piece to hold a pillow. Also be aware of any problems possible from drinking the water in the area, possibly buy water or take purification tablets. Also if unsure take your own toiletries rather then use any freebies from the hotel or locally purchased items.


The safest thing to do is avoid taking any valuables except very basics. Keep all of them hidden and if possible in the hotel safe. Be careful of showing off shopping purchases before leaving them in the room, this will only encourage thieves. Leave purchases as late as possible in your stay. Try and keep money with you and avoid leaving large amounts of money in the room. Try and use a prepaid credit card or travelers checks. Try and put anything valuable safely away from view, cleaners may try and pinch obvious things but will probably not risk searching for things.


You are the best gadget for your own safety. Read all safety maps that should tell you how to escape if need be, will say where fire alarms can be activated and will tell you where to go. Also when in the room look around you and be aware of your surroundings and think what you need to do to make your stay safer.