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Hotel Review Grand Californian Hotel Disneyland

Staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel is a dream come true. Yes, make it a priority to experience Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel to enjoy the luxuries and amenities this upscale Disney Hotel has to offer guests.

Dreams really do come true on the comfortable beds found in this lovely hotel. The Grand Californian provides a great night sleep on large soft comfortable beds. With carefully placed chocolates on beautifully turned down sheets. Relaxing in the room is fantastic. Dream the night away, waking up refreshed and well rested in the morning.

One reason to select this hotel is it’s close proximity to Disneyland. It’s a reasonable walking distance and provides plenty of activities for your family and travel companions. You can relax out by the pool, a beautiful site to cool off in, after an exciting day in any Disneyland theme park.

There is a luxurious spa for additional wind down desires. The spa offers various services from facials to messages. If the spa is something you enjoy while travelling make a reservation ahead of time. Plan out your beauty and relaxation needs while planning the rest of your trip.

The Grand Californian Hotel staff will assist you with any questions you may have and accommodations as necessary. The staff was helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. In fact, when you stay in a concierge style room you will have additional benefits such as a lounge you can drop in and pick up snacks from throughout the day.

Room service aside, there is a few other ways to eat at this hotel. If you’re up for something fancy; visit Napa Rose where you will also find a cozy lounge. For a more family oriented meal visit Storyteller’s Café. When enjoying breakfast you never know what character may make an appearance! Lastly, there’s a Hearthstone Lodge with a full continental breakfast with a full bar for whatever your needs. For just a little more indulgence there is a snack shop poolside. Whatever your dreams, the Grand Californian Hotel works to assist by offering food and fun at an affordable cost.

There is an arcade, a fitness center, and a workshop for children. Do not forget the eloquent gift shop. Everything you could wish for while travelling to Disneyland will be available at the Grand Californian Hotel.

Visit this clean, well maintained, property that situated in beautiful Californian landscape. It’s design is a must see along. The Grand Californian Hotel is a must stay, well worth it’s value.