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Hotel Chelsea new York

The Chelsea hotel is located on West 23rd Street in New York City in the Chelsea area. This hotel is infamously known because it is the place that Sid Vicious stabbed his girlfriend Nancy to death in a heroin frenzy. This hotel was always a magnet for music types. Lots of musician and actors have stayed there over the years( Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Ethan Hawke after his divorce from Uma Thurman) because of the aura around its reputation. It certainly was not because of the luxury of the place that musicians stayed there but because it was a cheap place to stay where you could find many other musicians to party with. The owner even accepted paintings and works of art by the tenants in lieu of rent. There are not many artists left who live there full time. It is now a hotel just like any other in New York city except for the decor which is a bit more funky than your ordinary midtown hotel!

You can’t post pictures on Helium but people who are interested in seeing first hand what the hotel looks like should go on Tripadvisor.com. You will be able to see the rooms and the public places. You can go visit the lobby if you feel like it, it is open to the public, and go downstairs in the lounge. It used to be called Serena and was host to lots of the bridge and tunnel clientele. It is now called The Star lounge. Lots of people go there to have a drink only because it is located in the Chelsea hotel. I have to say that the bar, when it was called Serena, was exquisitely decorated and a place where you wanted to linger…except when there were too many B and T’s there:)

This hotel has evolved over the years. The owners have not really renovated the rooms but tried to preserve the feel of the hotel so that travelers could experience the history of the hotel. People go there and ask for the room where Sid Vicious stabbed Nancy…some people are bizarre I know…and the hotel capitalize on that when publicizing their establishment. They now charge lots of money for rooms where no renovations, or very few, have been made over the years. I recommend to people to visit the lobby but not to stay there unless they don’t mind old and uncomfortable rooms at a very high price!