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Holiday Travel Packing

Every holiday millions of people travel to visit family. If you are traveling home this year and you are traveling by airplane, you will be traveling a lot lighter than in previous years. The airlines are restricting the number of bags that you can check free and some of them are even restricting the number of bags that you can carry on. We all know that they have always had limits but they have not been enforced. You can’t count on that being so these days.

You probably should be grateful that the airlines are restricting the amount you can bring home. We all tend to over pack and once we arrive at our destination, we are forced to deal with all the bags and where to store them.

If you are staying at your parent’s home, they probably have a washer and a dryer. You don’t need to carry clean clothing for everyday of your stay. You will be able to do laundry. Depending on the types of get together you will be attending you may only need to bring along an outfit or two. If you are really packing light, you can use the toiletries that they have in their bathroom. Most parents won’t mind sharing their toothpaste and shampoo. They probably also have a blow dryer so you can leave that at home as well.

Holiday gifts are a big part of traveling home for the holidays. Depending on how you are getting home, you may want to consider shipping your presents ahead. You can wrap them, pack them in a box and drop them off at the UPS store and when you arrive at home, they will already be there. If that isn’t an option then you have to decide if you want to put them in your suitcase or carry them on the plane with you. You will be wise to give this some serious thought before you purchase any large bulky items.

If you are driving home, you have many more options. You can carry more bags and certainly, presents aren’t necessarily a problem unless you are a large family and need all the space for luggage. Keep in mind especially if you are staying with family that they are not usually equipped with luggage racks and large empty closets and dressers. You are probably going to be living out of your suitcase and you will still need to be able to walk around the room in which you are staying. Pack with the less is best attitude. Be sure to allow some room in your bags for the gifts you will have to be taking home with you.

Holidays are all about families and going home. Keep that in mind and don’t stress about what you pack and what you don’t. If you forget something unless you are going to the Outback, you can purchase it when you get home.