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Hermosillo Mexico

Hermosillo is one of the largest cities in Mexico, yet is very modern and has something to offer every visitor to the area. It is located in the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora and is easily accessible from multiple US and Mexican cities. It is the states economic center and the city’s primary industry is automotive manufacturing. Ford built a plant there in the 1980’s and it is still one of the major contributors to the city and state economy.

The city’s history goes back to the pre-Hispanic area when it was inhabited by Indigenous people such as the Seri, Tepoca and Pima. It is located on a plain in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by flat grassy land and is often visited by tourists traveling by car toward the coast. However, due to recent trouble in northern Mexico there are numerous military check points on the highway to the area for travellers by automobile.

While visiting Hermosillo there are a number of sites and activities that you can participate in. Baseball is very popular in the city as it is within other northern Mexican cities and there is a professional team here called the Naranjeros. This team plays in the Pacific Coast League and you can watch a live game if you go to the Hector Espino Stadium where they play.

There are number of other tourist attractions in Hermosillo including the Museum of Sonora. This is museum is housed inside of a former penitentiary built in the late 19th century and visitors can view the underground cells that housed former inmates. However, this museum does include a number of exhibits on the history of the state.

If you are looking for something more entertaining then you can visit the “La Sauceda” amusement park which is one of the most visited attractions in the city. This park has something for both adults and children including swimming pools, go-karts, mini-golf and many rides. There is also a childrens museum inside of the park with various games and exhibits.

The city features numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes where you can sample popular food from the area including carne asada, tacos, and empanadas. There are also hotels all over the city to accommodate any budget and some of the hotels have a full suite and buffet included.

Travel is very easy around the city with numerous taxis and buses and most of the people in the tourist areas can speak English to help you have a great visit to the area.